Here's the $$$$ Problem

Talking about assistant pay raises. Here’s the reason for them: … an-25-2017

Michigan has three assistant coaches making $1 million. The first assistant to make $1 million was just 8 years ago (2009). Those three assistants alone would rank 21st in the nation in assistant’s pay. The point is simple: Eventually, every Power 5 team that wants to win big will pay at least $1 million to three assistants and more. Keeping up with the Jones’ is costly. Eventually, unless something changes, college football will price itself out of the middle class. Already has for some of us.

Sadly this is true.
Especially since every game is televised.
Makes it nice to sit at home when it’s cold and wet.

Eventually football will price itself out of the realm of affordability for many D1 schools.

I can’t imagine this whole facilities/salaries/benefits race is sustainable.

It’s not! And to consider how many kids suffer injuries that totally disable them and they 0. Nick Saban and all coaches are over paid! Period There should be limits to what the pay is for all of them!

I’m amused that people get bent out of shape by the pay of pro athletes and coaches, who are providing entertainment, but don’t seem to be concerned when other kinds of entertainers make many times more money than a Saban does. Rappers rake in megamillions for rhymed discussions of what they do with hoes.

Americans are well paid and want to be well entertained. Our priorities are out of whack. Those who are real heroes are underpaid and underappreciated, while too much emphasis is placed the overpaid and over-appreciated. And look at what kind of message board on which I just wrote that. We’re all to blame. I don’t blame the coach or the entertainer if he/she can get it; I blame the ones (us) footing the bill.

How much do you think Saban is worth to AL?
You can easily make the argument that he’s underpaid.

For every “Bama example” where the money is worth it, there are 20 other examples where the money is not worth it and taxes/tuition/fees cover the lion’s share of athletic expenses.

No question, but it’s not just us. Soccer players are even more ridiculously overpaid than the best US pro athletes, in part because there are no salary caps in soccer. Lionel Messi makes about $45 million a year in salary. Cristiano Ronaldo makes even more than that. And both have big endorsements on top of that, as top US athletes do. LeBron is making about $30 mill from the Cavs. Clayton Kershaw is making about $32 mill from the Dodgers. Andrew Luck is the highest paid NFL player at $24M.

You’re right. I should have clarified that it’s not just an American issue. Where there’s too much money and idle time, such will be the case.

I am familiar with the music business, having spent time in the studio and befriending many artists. The vast majority struggle to make ends meet. If it were different, I would have changed careers long ago.

I know people who almost starved while working every night in the LA scene. One had all his teeth extracted to deal with the damage. Even some big-name artists are more image than wealth.

Read about Gary Numan to learn about the problems of the music industry.

Supposedly, Bruce Springsteen was almost bankrupt by the time “Born in the USA” hit the stores. U2 didn’t make money until “Joshua Tree.” Prince struggled deep into his career because of a bad first recording contract.

I remember walking into Half-Price Books in Austin and seeing musicians working day jobs. Half-Price was great about giving them time for tours or recording studio ventures.

One thing supporting the big bucks the money athletes and entertainers get is so many of them are ripped off by bad contracts through agents and managers. Many do not know what to do after making the big money and make bad agreements with people who know how to swindle their money. Many artists do “starve” before making it big, so they are quick to sign a contract that is full of bad language for them that they do not understand.