Here's that UK hoops mailbag I mentioned

In another thread. One of the questions is who they’d call if Squid leaves/is fired.

His answer is Scott Drew, first, second and third, while kicking the tires on Brad Stevens and Jay Wright to see if either wants to get back into college coaching.

Muss and Pearl are mentioned but he doesn’t think UK would hire either one. He doesn’t think the UK AD is a fan of Nate Oats either, but otherwise Oats seems to be a good fit.

Also suggests that chemistry problems are between UK players and assistants, not with each other on NIL, etc.

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I don’t see Drew going into the grinder at Kentucky, unless he really needs a lot more salary. He’s got life made at Baylor, where he has the resources to win big and has a very tame fan base.

Oats would probably be a great fit at Texas, which can pay him more than Bama and has everything it needs to win big. Sustaining success there would be easier than at Bama, and comes without the unreasonable fan expectations you get in Lexington. On the other hand, Oats has been an up and comer for so long that maybe he can’t resist the temptation to take the worst blue-blood job in the country.