Here's a real throwback . . . video of Hogs vs. Horns 1956 (from TV broadcast)

Never had seen this before. Noticed a couple of things.

First, interesting to see the bovine group with orange helmets with a white stripe down the middle. Don’t really care for their long-time white with the uterine outline on the sides, but it is an improvement over these.

Also, funny how the TV guys says “just look at that boy” - probably 20 times in this short video.

I’m not sure if this is our first time on TV, but it might have been.

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That was a lot of fun to watch. Can’t believe how many names I remember.

I think that was some kind of wing-T. Lots of halfback passes and down field laterals. I wonder if that style would ever make a comeback or be effective today?

The announcer was a hoot. Sounds really dated now. “Look at that boy!”

Believe it or not, Hogs’ first TV game was in 1948 at TCU, a regional telecast (possibly in Texas only, but it was TV). It would be five more years before the first in-state TV game, a loss to the Rebnecks in WMS.

The UA media guide used to list all the TV appearances before it became every game every year.

There was some Wing-T in our attack, but a lot of it was the old Dead-T – three backs, two tight ends. Texass was running the same thing.

Loved the video.

Thanks for sharing. That 57 yard run was awesome. It is always a good thing to see the Hogs beat the Horns in Austin.

The commentary was very dated but fun to watch.

Kern Tips was the announcer. He was a legend in the old SWC.

Kern Tips

It’s amazing how primitive the play by play sounded. “Look at this boy go” and in reference to the Texas punter, “the Polish boy.” He never said the ball was on a yard line. It was always a “yard stripe.” Another thing I noticed was the number of empty seats in the stands. It had rained in Austin that day, so that might have accounted for it, but it was still interesting to see so many open spots.

You’re right about Tips being a legendary play-by-play man. However, the guy on the TV call in the OP is NOT Kern Tips.

Here is an example of Tips’ style and voice from the same era. You will have to move the cursor to the 2:00 mark to pick up Tips’ call of the Rice highlights. He had an unmistakable voice and style. I remember him very fondly from our Golden Years in the 60’s. I didn’t live in Arkansas, so never had the opportunity to hear Bud Campbell. But when Tips was on a game, you knew it was big time.

I didn’t think that sounded like Kern.

I remember in the late 50’s and early 60’s you could go up and down the AM dial and pick up different game broadcasts from Waco and Fort Worth and all over the old SWC. Think they were mostly Humble Oil sponsored.

Capacity at that time was about 60,000; it had been expanded shortly after World War II, and would stay at that level until 1968.