Here's a great Leach story (especially because it was against Texas)

Louis Campbell got a real Tom Osborne script when he was DC at Oklahoma State. Osborne (or an assistant) left it by accident at the walk through and an OSU manager found it.

Louis sat with an offensive coach to decipher it. Was sure it was a fake. But finally decided Osborne was too high center to do that and was right.

Campbell devised calls for their plays. And they all worked. They blitzed into the exact plays on the script. After two big losses - one almost a fumble - they hit Rozier (or someone like him) deep in the backfield with two defenders. He bounced off and reversed field to go about 85 for a TD.

Louis said he apologized to the heavens and threw the script away.


What a wonderful friendship with a great Razorback. A fitting throw away. Rozier made the game worth watching.

Rozier is exactly who I think about when I see Mbappe.

I watched some of his dribbling from the last game. His ability to keep control of the ball in traffic is phenomenal. He will be 24 next Tuesday. I’ll have to record the match against Argentina.

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