Here's a CFP scenario for you

No, it doesn’t include us. Or Alabama except peripherally. But it would have heads detonating from sea to shining sea.

  • Georgia and LSU enter the SECCG without further (or any) blemishes on their record and then LSU wins.
  • The Evil Mustard Empire beats the Poultry and Vandy and finishes 11-1.
  • Bama beats Auburn, which makes Tennessee’s win over them more valuable.
  • Ohio State runs the table, beats Michigan and wins the Big Ten. Or vice versa, probably, although Meechigan’s Charmin soft NC schedule could come into play.
  • TCU loses in the Little Dozen championship game.
  • Neither Clemson nor UNC is impressive enough in the rest of the season to turn heads (both lost to Notre Dame, which Ohio State beat).

Which would leave a CFP roster of:
Ohio State

And the plans for a 12-team playoff in 2024 would go out the window. They’d have 12 teams for 2023, guaranteed.

:exploding_head: :exploding_head: :exploding_head: :exploding_head:


I like your final 4. TCU is in IF they remain undefeated, so who gets left out…LSU or the Vols? I’d think LSU gets in if they win the rest of their games plus SECG.

If GA gets beat in SECG, then LSU and GA appear worthy of playoffs. TCU loses, we get three SEC teams in or Big10 lobbies hard for both Michigan and Ohio State.

I borrowed this scenario from Andy Staples. He agrees with you (and me).

There is also a scenario where tOSU, U-M, Jawja and EME get in, which would detonate nearly as many heads. Which would basically be the above except Georgia beats LSU.

Tennessee beat LSU 40-17 in Baton Rouge and has one less loss than LSU. To me, it’s a no-brainer the Vols would get in over the Tigers.

If LSU beats Georgia, you still taking TN? LSU has definitely improved the last month since the UT game, but I do see your point. LSU would have beaten three recent top 10 teams if they run the table—Bama, Ole Miss and the #1 team in the land(GA).

I think this is a moot point bc I don’t think LSU can beat GA, after the way we held their QB in check. Odom just gave Kirby the blueprint to defending LSUs offense…with better players in Athens to pull it off.

TN better hope GA curb stomps LSU in Atlanta.

Yes, Tennessee beat LSU. Head-to-head results should matter.

I don’t see any way LSU beats GA… just don’t see it unless GA completely lays an egg in that game…

No chance. I would be surprised if LSU can stay within 20 points of Georgia.