Here's a bad beat for you

Alabama 7A high school championship game. One team had a 9-point lead and the ball with 30 seconds left – and lost.

Synopsis – Taking a knee out of the shotgun, lost 25 yards but forced the trailing team to burn all its timeouts. Punted on fourth down; it was blocked and returned for a touchdown. Onside kick was successful. Two pass interference penalties put the ball in field goal range, and he made the 35-yarder on the last play to win the state title.

Oh yeah, I didn’t mention which school coughed up a 9-point lead in 18 seconds: Auburn High. Jason Autrey was nowhere to be found, I guess. In a complete lack of originality, Auburn High is also the Tigers.

That is awful for Auburn High - wish it (buzzard luck) could spill over the AU for the next 10 years or so

Fayetteville High did something similar to bow out of the Arkansas playoffs. I don’t recall the exact details, but it came down to kneel downs and lost yardage to set up a field goal for Little Rock Central to win it at with no time left.

Saw that on SC this morning. Unbelievable!

Chad coaching at two Auburns?

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