Here's a 2020 RB candidate (Transfer)

This transfer from Ohio State could fit right in our 2020 plans at RB.

Four star guy out of high school and a December grad.

But hasn’t exactly lit it up in college

https://collegefootballtalk.nbcsports.c … iowa-juco/

The thing about it is, with only 11 carries and 3 years of eligibility left (after a year at Juco), there is a lot of potential upside there. On the other hand, one never knows what else may be going on with the young man.

Was the competition just so stiff at OSU that he couldn’t see the field as a freshman? Plausible

Did he just not adjust well to college life (academics, speed of game)? Plausible

Does he not have the work ethic needed to make it at the Power 5 level? Plausible

Is there “some other” off the field issue? Plausible

You’d have to think, as early in his career as it is, and with his pedigree, he’ll land somewhere. Will be interesting to see if he takes off and becomes the back everyone thought he would be when he came out of HS just a year ago, or just another “could have been”.

Rakeem Boyd Texas A M

Rakeem didn’t get into any games at Texas A&M.

He had to transfer to a junior college after not getting to class enough.

It worked out well for him and Arkansas.

Sometimes a kid needs a 2nd chance at the right place at the right time.