Here we go! Man in scoring position to tie game

Two outs! Can we get the hit??bases loaded now. Still two outs. We just need one stinking timely hit!!

It hasn’t mattered much later whether it’s 2 outs or no outs when runners have been in scoring position the hogs have failed most of the time! Especially with the bases loaded. Just like that.

Terrible at bat!

trying to hit it 500 ft!

So frustrating to get so many men on & get no runs. I know there were already 2 outs when we loaded them, but another wasted lead-off runner is wants me to pull my hair out. Blown chances. Now we only have 3 outs left to salvage this.

And when we do get a hit (Bonfield’s) we makes really stupid bade-running error getting thrown out at 3b for the last out with the play right in front of the runner. Just dumb.