Here they come Ark Razorbacks you will see Red All Season

A comment made by one or the television sports broadcast announcers… And then he said write it down! As I stated previously after the dust settles you will be pleasantly surprised as to how many scorers this team has pre and post conference play, our bench play is slowly coming together

This is twice in three games the team has extended the lead with Daniel Gafford on the bench with foul trouble. The competition isn’t what they will see in the SEC, but it’s obvious the team is becoming more comfortable without him in the game.

I never liked the coaching strategy of pulling a guy out for the entire half after 2 fouls. After 3, yes…sit him down. You lose too much, especially if its Daniel Gafford.

Here’s why…Let’s say Gafford gets 2 fouls the first 5 minutes and sits the half. He’s lost 15 minutes. If he doesn’t foul out in the 2nd half…he’s been wasted for 15 minutes that first half. That could be the ball game…those 15 minutes he wasn’t in the game.

A player can play with 3 fouls starting the 2nd half. You might have to limit your aggressiveness, but it’s better than losing 15 minutes in the first half.

If I was the coach, I would sit Gafford every chance I got so that the other kids understand how to play without him. We got the opportunity to see what this team just may look like next season with Gafford gone…They looked pretty good I thought.

Well, your timing to post this couldn’t be worse. Thus far, they’ve shown they can, at worst, maintain with Gafford on the bench.

I don’t know about my timing, but I know about Coach Anderson’s strategy. We played Colorado State, ranked 200+. That game was not a big deal either way who played. We were going to win. You saw what happened when Gafford went out against Indiana. We lost our lead in a couple of minutes.

I am just talking about that strategy. Coach Anderson uses it…some coaches do…some coaches don’t. I don’t think it’s a good move.

Mike’s strategy is to take the player out with two fouls, then see how the game unfolds before halftime. I’ve seen a player come back in with two fouls during the first half when things aren’t going well.

Didn’t Gafford do it earlier this year? Come back with two fouls in the 1st half?

Comments: My thoughts as well, if what happened last night continues (on the road or not) we might have to nickname this team Gafford and the juggernauts, there are so many players to keep our eyes on as we watch their progression, I see a lot of strength on this team, for instance Gabe he is so close to breaking out, he reminds me of J Williams who we didn’t get to see his junior seasons

I thought the officiating was different between the first and second half. In the first half, I thought Gaff was whistled for a phantom foul (#2).

That said, I don’t mind “resting Gafford” while we’re playing a team we should dominate; which was the circumstance in CSU. This produced good minutes for Gabe and Chaney.

What I noticed in the first half was that CSU’s center was leaning on Gafford the entire way. The refs didn’t call that contact by CSU as fouls. (Perhaps this was typical of a road game.) It was wearing down Gafford. I’m not sure what changed in the second half, but Gafford seemed to be able to get free of whomever was guarding him.

Yeah, I wasn’t sure on that second foul, but I’ve seen it called that way a few times this year.

Yes he did. It was against FIU when FIU cut the lead to 5.

The flow of the game & opponent dictates how long Dan sits with 2 fouls in 1st half. If the boys can manage without him let m roll. There will be times he is sitting with 3 fouls in the 1st half & they have no choice.