Here’s why it IS a BIG win

The Bret cult of personality is strong on this board. Does Bret open up his sweet pad for tours like they do over at Graceland?

It’s absurd to think there’s some sort of “Bret cult of personality.” It’s no more complicated than people disagreeing with you that it’s clear he should be fired.

Well I was being a little tongue and check, but I do find it about amusing that some, when asked why a highly compensated coach with a record so poor should return, they cite he is “ a good man” or he “gets Arkansas” or “he cares about his players.”

I made a point of saying someone can blame CBB for us having inadequate talent. There’s a difference between “coaching problems” and “poor coaching”, however. The former implies problems in the program for which the HC is ultimately responsible. The latter implies a failure to teach the players, make bad game dagy decisions or to put players in the right position. It’s not a “fact” those things are happening. It’s a matter of opinion, but it’s not a fact. Worse yet, it’s an opinion held by people who aren’t really qualified to render an opinion that’s particularly reliable.

Have the players been properly developed? I don’t know. I don’t know what their potential is or was. Sometimes players don’t develop simply because they don’t learn well or refuse to do what’s necessary to develop. I have no idea if that’s the case with any of them, but I know that it happens.

Without question, the team got back to the basics. They were the dominant team for the last three quarters and that was refreshing.
[/quote]Now that’s huge. But, it’s being ignored by many, if not most, Hog fans.


[/quote]You’re blaming CBB for Year 1? I’ll agree that 2 - 5 should be in focus, but Year 1? Silly position.


Year one should be thrown out!
I wonder how many people on this board are perfect! Do a self evaluation of your own job performance and fire yourself!

I don’t know if we would be any better off and there have been some big time coaches talk to the touchdown club about this topic. Frank Beamer for one had a horrible record his first 7 years.
He retired from that job. He was a winning coach. I’d be willing to say he has a better idea what it takes to win and run a clean program than what any of us do.
Coach B came here to a dumpster engulfed in flames and should be respected for coming and taking a chance.
The powers at be will make the decision in late November and we will know then.
This is a young team and he brought these kids in. He has some solid recruits coming in on defense
It makes sense to me to listen to those coaches opinions whom have coached the game of football and give him more time.

The collapse was in the first half.

Give them credit. A win. But ole miss gift wrapped it for us

True test if we are competitive vs LSU and miss st


Sure let’s throw out year one! We are an amazing 11-18 in the SEC since then!!

Setting the world on fire.

Speaking of fire he may have inherited a dumpster fire, but five years later this program is still burning.

Going WAAAY back to the OP, I thought about another game between nondescript teams. It took place in Fayetteville the day after JFK was killed in Dallas; possibly shouldn’t have even been played, but Texas Tech was already in town when the news broke. At the moment it was to determine who finished fourth in the SWC. We beat Tech 27-20. And didn’t lose again until 1-1-66. Point is, it put us on a path to 22 in a row. It’s highly unlikely we’ll win the next 21, but sometimes that’s all it takes to turn things around.

And that right there is why the man should not be retained. I will go ahead and take it a step farther and say even if he wins the 3 remaining SEC games this year he would still be 14-18 in SEC play in years 2-5. That is not getting the job done. We can and should do better.