Here’s why it IS a BIG win

I get it that we beat a BAD Ole Miss team.
And we are still a pretty BAD team as well.

But the way it transpires is what’a important.

Many of the things that have been our most glaring weaknesses, and things critics have harped on, were at least for now exorcised.

We ran the ball effectively
Protected the QB better. Still not great, but better
We won the special teams battle
We apparently made adjustments both in the second quarter and at halftime.
We made a clutch field goal
We had few penalties, and the one potential killer we overcame

Some folks who are just determined to be negative will pass this off as beating a bad team.
But that’s better than losing to a bad team. Which would have happened without the above.

Agree Doc. And when you think about CBB’s record when being behind at halftime, I have to be happy for this team for finding a way to win.

One penalty for 10 yards, and as you noted, we overcame it. Whereas Ole Miss had the killer PI penalty on fourth and 4 on the final drive.

All good points. The second half collapse never showed up.

Post of the week. Maybe Post of the Month. And we came back to win in the 2nd half.

The Hogs showed what happens when you don’t quit, this come from behind victory builds character and confidence. WPS


I feel that the Oline was better because of the way they handled the OM pass rushers. OM is respected for their pass rush but not their run defense. We did better than expected on pass protection with a new line group…again.

Maybe what they did in practice as far as dividing up the periods with a “halftime” helped, if in no other terms psychologically, to the second-half comeback. But also I think they took momentum into halftime with the late score. When was the last time Arkansas scored late in the first half of a game in which they trailed and then scored first to start the second half? That sure helps momentum.

Good post, Doc, imagine what would be said if we had lost with the way some are whining after we won! WPS

Whatever happened injected some confidence into the team and the real important improvement should be this week with another win. If things go smoothly this Saturday then I think the team will start to believe in themselves again. That is a big key going into an 11am kick off at LSU.

Definitely happy for the kids that they won. But realistically that is a bad Ole Miss team. Nothing changes the fact we are still poorly coached. Poor player development and evaluation. Our program isn’t headed in the right direction at the moment

Without question, the team got back to the basics. They were the dominant team for the last three quarters and that was refreshing.

Certainly, no one should read too much into that victory. Ole Miss isn’t very good. Still, what the victory does show is CBB has not lost this team. Otherwise, they would have folded their tents when they got down by 24. There’s still at least a little fight in these Hogs.

This team has more heart than a few people on this board who never miss an opportunity to diss them and our coaches.

Well, nothing changes your opinion that we are still poorly coached. No one argues that we’re short of talent. Now aside from some key injuries, I’m not sure why that is. You can blame CBB for that. However, your assertion that we’re poorly coached isn’t a “fact.” Ironically, I spoke just a couple of days ago to a friend who played for Ole Miss several years ago. His view was that we clearly out-coached the OM staff. I have no idea who is right. And even if he’s right, I suppose we could still be poorly coached and better than the Ole Miss staff. However, I suspect there are no poor coaches in the SEC. I suspect they’ve all forgotten more about coaching than just about everyone on this board ever knew. I doubt our players are poorly coached.

I’ll also reference a couple of other people I’ve heard speak recently: Barry Switzer & Tommy Tuberville. Both said the key to winning is talent, that pretty much everyone in the profession knows how to coach. But what would they know. They’ve been fired from some coaching job at one time or another.

When you have the worst P5 conference record in 5 years, there’s definitely coaching problems.

When your record in 1 possession games is absolutely abismal, there’s coaching problems.

When it takes 19 games to win a game that you were down at half in… there are coaching problems.

When the OL and defense look like they do 2 years in a row, there are coaching problems.

Sure the players are a part of that, but as coaches, you recruited those players. As coaches you are supposed to develop those players.

Whether you think the coaches are good or bad, is your opinion. But the glaring problems definitely point to some coaching problems, that’s more factual.

NE, you are way too logical for some of these folks.
You need to say the same thing 10-15-20 times and
jump up and down like an unruly nine-year-old.
Spout out more LOUDLY. State all those ‘facts’ about
how OBVIOUSLY stupid and lazy our coaching staff is.

Maybe they need some safe spaces. :lol:

at this point in time to not think there are legitimate coaching problems is delusional.

seems to me that there are many who are more fans of the current head coach than the football program

there are several metrics one can use to illustrate the problems and they have been well documented

relative to the OP
it is a big win because had the blow out continued for a 3rd week in a row it might have been the final straw.

it was an ugly game that ole miss gave to us on a platter.
nevertheless it was a huge comback win and has given a reprise for now

very very rarely do we see any players “dissed” ( i didnt realize that slang was still in use)

pretty much a foundation of the board which has been that way many many years. no one goes for it.
and essentially… most on here dont think like that.

coaches … on the other hand … are fair game… as they should be
they are paid a TON of money to win games.

some people ,… seems to me… would rather have a B for beilema on the helmet rather than the running razorback