Here is why the Hogs will win the next 2

We have made a habit of crushing the ole miss spirit over the last few years. We just seem to do amazing things when playing these guys in any type of loser leave town match. That is what I am going with and I am sticking to it.


Tonight’s game seems to bear that out. Bases loaded, bottom of the ninth, no outs, Ole Miss down by 2. Tygart has just melted down and we bring in Morris, who left ignominiously two days earlier. He proceeds to save the day, forcing another game, encouraging the Hogs and crushing the the Rebs’ spirit. Similar to 2018 when, after the Hogs semmingly had the game won, Oregon State forced a third game with a deflated Arkansas team. After tonight’s game, Ole Miss maybe thinks they’re snakebit, that they are destined to lose to the Razorbacks.


I said same yesterday it could be in Ol Miss mind now they have no MoJo. Also the collision in outfield with Battles and LF outfielder was opposite field of CWS blunder in 2018 so it washed the bad voodoo jinx.

I know i am very odd


That collision in left could have turned out really bad. Not just a dropped ball but injury to one or both players. Thankfully they’re ok.

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We were lucky that OM didn’t attempt tag and score on that catch in left field. I know it was shallow but the difficult catch caused by the collision put Bohfren in an awkward position for a throw to the plate.

If you think Hog fan’s are fatalist, go read the Ole Miss board. Several have decided to bet their kid’s college funds on the Hogs. The Henry Heave has cursed their sporting souls to the deepest reaches of hell. It’s 15 to 1 in their belief we beat them today.


Sure hope their doomsayers are correct.

You’d think with all the bad luck we’ve had vs those two Texas teams that Razorbacks fans would be more fatalistic. Maybe it’s because in the SWC years the “bad luck” was ascribed more to official corruption, putting us behind the eight ball to start, but we have never taken that mindset. Well, maybe against Alabama in football for a while, but almost everybody wrote that one off. And we were going through some bleak years. Even in those years the Aggies hardly had our number (overtime games, etc). And lately we have had Texas by the nose. :grinning:

I sincerely hope so.

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I was hoping, but not to be….we can’t seem to rise to the occasion.

One month ago we were down and out. 0-2 in Hoover to boot. Then we rose to the occasion big time. Made a great run to finish 3rd in the country. Everyone wants a Natty. But only one team gets that done. We have nothing to be ashamed of at all.

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