Here is why I think Sampson will come here

He had a long and successful career at the highest level of college basketball and then literally got kicked out of the sport for years and disgraced over what turned out to be fairly minor infractions. I’m sure he felt very hurt and angry over it and got a big chip on his shoulder with a strong desire to come back and redeem himself.

But because of his past he had to get back in at a lower level and work his way back. Houston was really bad at the time and I’m sure that he originally took the job as a stepping stone to climb back up the ladder. His time there has been very successful. He is very well liked, they are offering a lot of money, and it’s not easy to leave what he built there. But in the end, I believe his desire to get back to the highest level again and fully restore his pride will lead him to come here.

Kink, that is as reasonable as most any information I have read.

In Houston, you have the Astros, Texans and Rockets. The Cougars are a blip on the radar. Here in our little state, we have the Razorbacks and that is it. Maybe this will appeal to him. I know nothing about Kelvin Sampson and his ego, but if it is sizable, we might attract him just as you say.

It’s conceivable. He wants to get back in the big pond as much as the big paycheck? Maybe. You don’t get to be that successful in any field without a healthy ego. Some people just hide it better than others. He’s coached in the Big 12 and the Big Ten, both very good hoops leagues. He may want to try his hand in the SEC.

We’re all just anxious/bored and guessing. Trying to read the tea leaves when they may not even exist.

I heard something last night, no clue how reliable, but they said a few things. 1. The nepotism clause is real (my phrase) 2. Sampson is not really interested in another rebuild (age is a factor) 3. Houston is the one not guaranteeing the son as HCIW, and Fertitta is fighting with the other Regents over this.

It’s funny this info came from some Houston “Hogville type reporters” (like Irwin and McPherson, not the fans), and this morning Berman tweeted about AR and Sampson no contact.

Could all be a smokescreen but that’s interesting