Here is what I see early as missing players

RB Rakeem Boyd
S Simeon Blair
DT Xavier Kelly
DE Zach Williams
DE Julius Coates
DT David Porter
DE Dorian Gerald
DT Isaiah Nichols
OT Marcus Henderson
DE Eric Gregory
LB Dede Edwards
OG Beaux Limmer
OT Noah Gatlin

Some of these might be injuries, but most are contact tracing because of covid-19.

Holy crap

Some people are really going to have to step up on the DL.

Would really like for a couple of the younger D-line to explode on the scene today

Praying we can catch some breaks with D getting turnovers and just somehow out scoring them and then just hold on. This is awful. Really surprised we are able to play this gave with 4 DE’s out!

The way it breaks down is that you need to have five DLs on scholarship to play. They do. I think there are 13 on scholarship. Hard to get to five when you start with 13.

Franks has his left wrist heavily taped. but his fingers and thumb are exposed.

Sounds like it will be a tough game for us to win. LSU will run the ball all game since we are short on linemen. And Trelon Smith has to have an outstanding game since Boyd is out.

Will we see Blayne Toll?

Wow, that means we have a total of 6 D-linemen available that are on scholarships. Will we play a lot of 3 down linemen and fill in on the edge with our bigger linebackers? Coates, Gerald and Nichols all out! And, Gregory has played so well the last couple games.

Well that’s discouraging.

Better score a lot

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Offense better score a lot of points and we are going to need some lucky bounces of the ball to win this one.

we really need all our Mansfield connection kids to play big today, not impressive but not depressive so far

This game should not have been played and not just because we lost.

Respectfully disagree! I can only commend the defense on their play, given how many of our “better” players were not available. As mentioned earlier by others in several other threads, the offense, particularly on third down, was where we lost the game. Nevertheless, in my opinion the experience of playing the game was more important than the final score.

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