Here is what Bob Holt wrote on Musselman's new deal

New deal worth a combined $20 million over five years, according to Bob’s report.

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Would be roughly top 10 in the country money and inch him just past Pearl’s $3.98 and into 3rd highest in the SEC.

Seems about right.

I like that number. It is the right number that also leaves room for further raises as Muss delivers higher results. And you know higher results are coming. Let’s relax and get on with strengthening the roster even more.

I think I could get out bed for 4 Mill a yr🙂

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You and me both


Is that a base of 4, or maybe up to 4 if hit all incentives?

I don’t know, I was originally told it was base $3.5 + incentives. Went up to $4.5 + incentives.

Yesterday, I was told it was closer to Nate Oats ($3.2 base + incentives).

The way Bob Holt wrote this (or at least the headline) looks like it’s saying $4 base and no mention of incentives (I’m sure there will be, I should say I know there are)

$4 plus incentives.

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I know what you meant here but my brain instantly went $4.00 and a WHOLE LOT OF INCENTIVES!

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Ha! That would be a good deal for us!

Not really, he is getting $10k/tweet, we’ll soon be broke! Or as one of my kids would say broker!

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My wife says that even on a good day I’m not worth 4 bucks, even with incentives.

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