Here is the thing

The Hogs gave up a total of 3 runs in 3 games (2 7 inning games to be sure) in a serries where their ace had an off day. That will win for you and win a lot. Their offense was not great and cost them a game, but when you ave. giving up 1 per game, you are going to win and win a whole lot in any league.

The seven-inning games probably played a factor in this, but Arkansas won a series in which its starters threw 70, 70 and 66 pitches. That’s incredible.

The pitching was the key today! Thursday it was one pitch from Loske that sailed over the left field fence or this would have been a sweep! There were a lot of positives that came up this week. Mainly the defense showed and made plays without making errors! Some of the plays made today were good old fashion high light reel stuff.
The outing that Murphy and Campbell had today just made it a perfect day.
The lack of offense could partly be due to poor wether! I sure hope the bats wake up!

I think it’s very possible the weather affected the hitting. I’m not really worried about our bats.

The weather made right field play like it was 500 feet away and completely took the Hogs’ heavily-weighted lefty lineup out of its normal element. Shots to right and center that would have been over the fielders’ heads normally got ran down and at least one home run was blown back in for the Gamecocks’ CF to catch.

I find it interesting that Murphy now has the lowest ERA on the staff.

Murphy is dang fun to watch. He reminds me of Keuchel in his junior season. Doesn’t make many mistakes.

High praise for Murphy.

Typical of CDVH, our team is filling in and fine tuning
as the season rounds out.