Here is the schedule as of now

Nov. 5 - Rice
Nov. 12 - North Texas
Nov. 16 - Montana
Nov. 19 - Texas Southern
Nov. 25 - at Georgia Tech
Dec. 7 - at Western Kentucky
Dec. 14 - Tulsa
Jan. 25 - TCU

Note: Arkansas is under contract to return a game at Indiana, but neither team has released a schedule. It also appears the Razorbacks will play two home games from a three-team pool consisting of Northern Kentucky, South Dakota and Coppin State as part of the College Hoops Roadshow. Montana and Texas Southern are also part of that event.

The SEC schedule, with dates, yet to be released, looks like this:

Home: Auburn, Kentucky, LSU, Mississippi State, Missouri, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas A&M and Vanderbilt

Away: Alabama, Florida, Georgia, LSU, Ole Miss, Mississippi State, Missouri, Tennessee and Texas A&M

I just looked at an Indiana site with a projected schedule story a couple of weeks ago and they haven’t heard any whispers on when the game at Simon Skjodt Assembly Hall might be.

So we have 18 SEC games, 8 NC games already with dates, plus IU and two in the Roadshow. That’s 29. Two opponents yet to be confirmed, since the regular season with an exempt event like the Roadshow can be 31 games.

We need an exhibition basketball game on Fri night, Nov 1st. We also need a non-conference basketball game Friday night, Nov 8th. I’m still hoping for a couple of Friday games before Saturday home football games. It looks like those are the only dates that would be possible since the MO home game is in Little Rock. I hope they are looking to do that. I need an excuse for a couple of week-ends in Fayetteville.

That’s if they play exhibitions on Fridays this year. This is a new coaching staff that might have a different preference than Mike Anderson had, plus the season begins on a Tuesday this year, so Musselman might not want to play an exhibition game four days before that. We’ll see.

I’m interested to see if Arkansas-Fort Smith or Arkansas-Monticello get picked up as an exhibition opponent. As Division II schools, they aren’t going to qualify for any regular-season games against the Razorbacks, but they would be perfect for an exhibition now that the in-system exception is in place. And the proximity of UAFS in particular would make for an easy midweek exhibition, whereas other schools have to worry about missed classes. I believe the rule states that a team cannot miss class for an exhibition game.

Matt, speaking of in-state scheduling, there are rumors that HY is talking to the AD at ASWho about a future football game. You hearing anything along those lines (I hope it’s smoke coming out of Jonesboro)?

And one of those two remaining games will likely be in North Little Rock at the soon-to-be Simmons Bank Arena.

Yurachek was asked about that the other day: … -20190804/

"Terry and I have had very casual dialogue to the point where Terry – when he and I were traveling together in September to an event in Washington, D.C., and we were on a tour of the Capitol together with our political representatives – said, ‘We would love an opportunity to start a series with the University of Arkansas,’ " Yurachek said.

“And he followed that up with a text message when we got back with some dates and guarantees, and that was the extent of any conversation we have had, period. We haven’t talked about it again.”

Okay I had missed that. I agree with what he said down in the story, that it’s on their radar screen but not really on ours.

Arkansas and UALR have announced their women’s basketball game will be Saturday, Dec. 21, at Verizon Arena. The tip-off time is 1 p.m. That is the same weekend the Razorbacks’ men have traditionally played in North Little Rock. With the early women’s tip, it makes me wonder whether Arkansas and UALR are working on a doubleheader for that day to be capped by the men’s game that night.

Men’s basketball is about the only sport left that hasn’t announced a game against one of the UA system schools. With as frequently as UALR and UAPB are getting scheduled in other sports, you know it’s going to happen in men’s basketball soon.

FWIW, Wess Moore and Justin Acri mentioned on this morning’s show that they expect a doubleheader on December 21 where the UA men play the second game. Also, an individual in UALR AD’s office, who should know, told me that this is a possible prelude to an annual UA vs UALR doubleheader for both men and women.