Here is the nonconference schedule

Pretty weak, but understandable with the loss of the other tournament we were in.

I think most schools will have a pretty weak NC schedule because of travel restrictions due to the pandemic. Duke, for instance, is playing Sparty in an exempt event, Illinois in their Challenge, and a bunch of scrubs.

We all should be glad we are playing any nonconference games at all. With this young team we need some games before conference season starts, it could have been like in football , conference games only

So, an exempt early tournament is definitely out of the picture? I hate that for this team with all the newcomers. There are a lot of SEC teams signed up in various tournaments, that will have an edge over us by playing better competition before the SEC season.

Do you think we actually even looked into one of these tournaments?

I think you mean “with this many new players”. Because we are not young. We’re actually, relatively, very experienced. Just not with each other :slight_smile:

One thing I know for sure is that we tried our hardest to play better competition than this; playing a difficult non-con schedule is part of Muss’ strategy. I can’t imagine all the variables. Our proximity to other high major schools, relative to others, is a big disadvantage.

And the level of competition.

Looks like we do go to Tulsa this yr according to bob holt

To play 27 games we have to be in an exempt event. I suspect three of the list released yesterday will be lumped into an exempt event.

Yeah, it’s the first three.

That would make sense. Without an exempt event we could only play 25.

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