Here is the depth chart for the Ole Miss game

I know Bret talked about possible personnel changes after the game. But this looks pretty much the same. Obviously, there needed to be a change at weakside linebacker with Dre Greenlaw out. Listing Dwayne Eugene and De’Jon Harris as an or is really not a change. I wonder about left guard. Could Johnny Gibson get a shot some this week? And, I wonder if Kolton Jackson and Jalen Merrick get some looks on the right side? Those are about the only spots that I thought could change in the line. At safety, if Santos Ramirez is healthy, I suspect he moves ahead at one of those spots, free or strong.

I know nothing more than anyone else who isn’t at practices, but I keep wondering why not Rogers at C and Ragnow at LG.

The thing about Froholdt from the layman’s eye is his busts look more mental then physical. He struggles in pass pro when he knows who to block, but the multiple times where he seemingly steps the wrong way, and blocks NO ONE, is killing the offense. Surely someone like Rogers, who has played OL all his life, can at least ID who to block.

There have been multiple times that Arkansas has made a change at a position this year and didn’t list it in the depth chart. Bielema has even said he isn’t going to list his personnel changes on the depth chart.

Yeah like the time he replaced McFain with Limpert.

I just can’t fathom how they can watch tape and put Froholdt back out there. I like his long term potential - but for now it’s time to give someone else a shot.

They did it against Texas State then chickened out and reverted for the A&M game. But they never did address the real sore spot, that left guard position where Froholdt was given the job without having to compete for it. Right guard isn’t going very well either. Here we are at game seven, and the Oline might have never started the five best players in a single game.

Or . . . the time he replaced Hedlund with McFain (this past week vs. Alabama)


Surely, we will see some moves to the offensive line before next Saturday. To say a couple of guys got taken to the wood shed this past Saturday is an understatement. However, completely missing anyone to block by not recognizing what is going on is on the coaches and not the 19 year old kid moved from D-Line to O-Line and expected to just get it done in the SEC after never playing the position.
I believe this young man has a good future, possibly starting next year after learning how to play the position and has been thrown to the wolves, otherwise known as SEC Defensive linemen. If they don’t get him out of there then they could do long term harm to his confidence and I don’t want to see that happen.
Mr. Froholt, keep your head up and keep working hard and you will eventually get the most out of your abilities.


Pulley needs to start instead of Tolliver. Ryan may be the best DB on the team right now.

I’m with you Pulley is putting out the effort and improving his play every game,good call. WPS

Pulley and Tolliver are both going to be out there against Ole Miss, because Ole Miss will run three or four WR the whole game.