Here is the 2021 baseball schedule

Thanks, Matt

But the weekend series at LaTech count as nonconference games away from home

Thanks. That was supposed to say midweek game away from home.

Wow we’ve never had 3 opening games like that,tough with so much uncertainty about our pitching.3 games that can have you riding High and feeling good about yourself or possibly put a lot of self doubt in your mind. I was hoping for a few easy ones to get our staff for some confidence… we will see how it turns out

Any idea where I could find some ticket info for the Arlington games?

The Rangers are supposed to announce ticket information this week.


Matt, when does baseball practice start? Have any 2021 recruits reported early? Any updates on the roster? Thanks

Team practice begins next Friday. Dylan Leach, a catcher, enrolled early and will be on the team this year. I wrote this about him last spring:

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