Here is the 2020 football schedule … -schedule/


I wonder if anyone has played Bama and LSU back-to-back since expansion in 2012? Heck, since the 1992 expansion?

One home game in September, with road games at Notre Dame and State, plus the Aggies. Wow.

Season ticket sales should be good with an SEC home schedule of Bama, LSU, Tennessee and Ole Miss.

Geez, that is a tough-looking sked.

But hey, it’s the SEC and fans have been clamoring for a big-time non-conference game.

Why do we open SEC play on the road every year.

I think this is 7 straight years.

Arkansas opens a lot of SEC campaigns in Arlington. The 2015 and 2017 SEC openers vs. Texas A&M were technically home games.

Matt: when is the A & M game in Arlington contract supposed to end? I have heard that A&M would like to go back to home and home but what if anything are you hearing about Arkansas feeling on this?

The final year of the contract is 2024. I don’t think anyone knows yet what is going to happen at that time, but I suspect Texas A&M will not want to continue the series in Arlington. The Aggies’ last two ADs have lamented the loss of a home game every other year. If Texas A&M opts out, then Arkansas will have to choose whether or not it wants to continue having an annual presence there. I’ve always thought the Southwest Classic could one day become an Arkansas game vs. a rotating cast of former SWC teams.

There is also the Little Rock component. The War Memorial contract ends the same year as the Arlington contract. That was intentional. It will give the administration at that time an opportunity to assess the schedule moving forward. I would be surprised to see games in Arlington and Little Rock in the same season after 2023.

I’d be surprised to see games in LR and Arlington period, moving forward. At best, you’ll see a game in LR one year, and a game in Arlington the next. I’ll also be surprised to see WM make it to the 2024 game with the current contract stipulations as they are.

I get what you’re saying, but I think Arkansas will end up playing all three of the scheduled games in Little Rock, then decide on the future of games there after the 2023 Missouri game. Based on what I remember about the contract, missing the benchmarks (ticket revenue, sales, etc.) gives the Razorbacks the ability to pull out of playing at War Memorial, but there is also language about the two sides coming together to put in place plans that will help them hit the benchmarks the next game.

A&M averaged 99,844 attendance last year at Kyle Field, including a sellout plus against Clemson. I’d bemoan missing that too. Imagine if they’d actually been really good.

What about the improvements, aren’t they included in the contract? Have they addressed the need to connect with the SEC for replay, or whatever was the issue? I know the dressing rooms, media, scoreboard and security were also issues to be addressed.

Yes, there are two phases of improvements outlined in the contract. At least one of those, the replacement of the turf, has been completed. I’m planning to check soon to see how well the stadium is complying with the rest of the improvements.

That’s what I like about you Matt, you go to the source and get the answers us mere fans can only ponder, lol, thanks.

I hate we face such a tough schedule in year 3 of CCM’s tenure. I expect we’ll be a much better team next year, but after a while, losses start to become a real problem. I’d rather play a much less glamorous & much less capable team than Notre Dame next year. That’s an almost certain loss. If we could win 4 NC games & 3-4 SEC games, I think the fan base & program would be “all in” for Morris & the momentum would be there for more progress. Lose to ND & win 3 SEC games, a 6-6 record in year 3 could be awfully hard to swallow. Even 4 SEC wins to go 7-5 might be disappointing. We need to get to 8-9 wins pretty soon if we don’t want to get mired down as a perpetual 6-7 win program.