Here is the 2019 football schedule … finalized/

Interesting. Pretty tough four-week stretch after the open date Oct. 5:
Oct. 12 - at Kentucky
Oct. 19 - Auburn
Oct. 26 - at Alabama
Nov. 2 - Mississippi State

I’ll go ahead and pencil in a 3pm kickoff for Portland St…

I feel reasonably confident that we can go 3-1 vs that NCS. Beating the Hilltoppers might be a hill too steep to climb in year 2 of this non reclamation project however.

This is what’s wrong with playing MO in Little Rock. There is a total of 2 SEC games in RRS in 2019. That is absurd. Have we signed an agreement to play MO every other year in LR for multiple years? Or is 2019 the only date cast in concrete? I’m complaining about this and I live in Sherwood. We should never have fewer than 3 SEC games in Fayetteville. If we have to have an SEC game in Little Rock, it should be in the even years, like this year with OM. We still get 3 SEC games in Fayetteville in the even years.

If this has been posted ad-nauseum previously on here, sorry, I wasn’t on here to see it.

Harry King’s take on the 2019 schedule: … ules-2019/

What ever Bama wants Bama gets from schedules to Ref call on the field - they have become the Texas Of Old

That is what your complaint is… just those two games? How about all of the home games? There are only two that are worth going to: Auburn and Mississippi State. At least I can save my money and purchase single game tickets to those two if I want to go see Arkansas lose. I’ll probably just watch them on the ESPN high lights and keep the money. Horrible schedule.

This schedule is pathetic to say the least. Save your money and buy single game tickets or just stay home and watch the 20 second highlights on ESPN. Wait until a respectable schedule is announced. I’ll wait until 2025 before I buy any more tickets… Auburn, Mississippi State and… Notre Dame.

2019 Arkansas Football Schedule

Aug. 31 - Portland State - W…Maybe

Sept. 7 - at Ole Miss - L

Sept. 14 - Colorado State - L hahahhaha

Sept. 21 - San Jose State -W

Sept. 28 - vs. Texas A&M (Arlington, Texas) -L

Oct. 12 - at Kentucky -L

Oct. 19 - Auburn - L

Oct. 26 - at Alabama - L

Nov. 2 - Mississippi State - L

Nov. 9 - Western Kentucky - L

Nov. 23 - at LSU - L

Nov. 30 - Missouri (Little Rock) - L they might pull this off. highly unlikely, but maybe

It will be a real loss not having you at the games.

My guess is your lifetime ticket purchases and RF donations could feed a family of four at Olive Garden…barely.

Shaqnasty needs to GO AWAY!..TROLL!

Tough Schedule

October is a real gauntlet

If there was ever a reason to not re-up season tickets, next year’s schedule would be exhibit 1. So terrible. Why don’t we just rename ourselves the fayetteville globetrotters and sell tickets to watch us get beat up all over the south.

Not unexpected, but another 3pm kickoff at the end of August for the home opener. Go ahead and survey me about improving the fan experience for f’s sake.

The Mizzou game has already been moved to the 29th. :?:

Yes, it has. This is a thread based on a story I wrote last September, when the game was scheduled for Nov. 30.