Here is the 2018-19 women's basketball non-conference schedule … onference/

The most notable games are at home against Arizona State and Nebraska, both of which made the NCAA Tournament last season. Arkansas also has several games away from home, including at UT-Arlington, Abilene Christian and Tulsa.

The women leave for an international exhibition tour in Italy next week. Mike Neighbors told me that in years when he has international trips, he tries to keep the road games closer to home.

Speaking of the women, I was told today that there is going to be an attempt to stream their games in Italy next week via Facebook Live. There are no guarantees because of the spotty internet connections in some of those gymnasiums. I know Dudley can attest to that; it wasn’t always easy for him to get his content back to us from Spain a couple of years ago.

How good is Cory Becks daughter, and are we on her?

I think she is very good. Mike Neighbors offered her shortly after he took the job.