Here is the '18 schedule

The Hogs will play five home games in the middle of the year, but it hasn’t been decided which team Arkansas will play in Little Rock: … -memorial/

I figured it was about time for Vandy to rotate onto our schedule, given they’re actually a decent team now.

Here are some additional notes on the schedule: … -schedule/

I hope Coach Brohm likes this schedule

It would be nice to get a bye week in the middle of the season.
It’s set up nice. I just hope the back up QB’s can get some reps this year. It will be important for our team next year.
Every year I have the hope in beating Bama! When will it happen.

Shifting gears a little, I’ve heard several people say Arkansas should play LSU in Little Rock next season as a way to close out the stadium. Aside from the potential season ticket sales left on the table, here is another problem with that: it would mean the Razorbacks would play their final on-campus game in October. Senior day would be Oct. 27. My gut says the UA leaders won’t do that.

The SEC game there is not going to be against Alabama, so that leaves Vanderbilt and Ole Miss. I could see either one being played there. Given that Little Rock is just as close to Ole Miss, we know those fans would buy their allotment of tickets to the game, especially with a first-year coach. We saw that happen in 2012.

We’re in a calendar cycle right now with just one open date. That makes it difficult to appease everyone, especially with teams scheduling nonconference games late in the year as a way to take a week off from the SEC schedule.

There will be two open dates in 2019. That adds some flexibility on the conference’s part.

That rotation has been set since Misery and TAM entered the league. On the other hand, Florida and Tennessee rotated on at a time when they were a little off and we beat both the last two years, so it goes both ways.

As for WMS, I’m reasonably sure the choices are Vandy or nothing. The Rebnecks would more or less assure a sellout (depending on how hard the stuff hits the NCAA fan), but I still would be very surprised if they put OM in Little Rock.

Meanwhile, Florida released its 2018 schedule this week the same day the SEC released everyone’s. Only the Gators got their own schedule wrong.

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Florida is going to play two FCS teams next year. Idaho is dropping from FBS after it was voted out of the Sun Belt Conference. The Gators can only count one of those FCS wins toward bowl eligibility, which means the team actually has to go at least 7-5 in the regular season to make a bowl game, assuming it wins both FCS games.

Florida has more immediate issues going on now with the 9 suspended players! There may be some more room on thier roster soon.

I wish the hogs would buy out the Little Rock game and play home games on campus. It just makes sense.

Matt, what about the speculation out there in print elsewhere that University and WMS officials are in discussions about the possibility of signing a new contract in which Arkansas would play one game in LR every other year? The opponent would be Missouri on Thanksgiving weekend.

I think that’s speculation.