Here is how it might work:

  1. Skybox patrons are free to do what they want. You can encourage them to reduce numbers, wear masks, and social distance but they will be responsible for what they do in their box, not the school.
  2. You offer season ticket holders in the order of their donations the chance to sign up for tickets equal in number to their present number of tickets. You assume those 2, 4, whatever number of tickets are family units and you let them all be together and then you put 6’ space all around each grouping.
  3. You let the tickets be taken in that order until the stadium is maxed out at that spacing.
  4. Anyone who choses not to participate this year or fails to fit in the stadium can get a refund this year or they can donate their already paid ticket price and donation to be eligible for better seats in the future.
  5. You take their temperature and hand out Razorback masks as they come in the door. Anyone not wearing their mask, will be asked to leave, except when they are eating or drinking.
  6. This spacing and masking will include the students, band, and cheer squads.
  7. The teams on the sidelines will wear masks including coaches. Officials wear masks but players won’t on the field.
  8. Everyone has their own water bottles and oxygen masks. Nobody shares nothing.
  9. All players are tested each week, probably early in the week, and anyone testing positive goes on a two-week quarantine. Player safety will be high priority to not lose players to quarantine.
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I posted something like this very very similar about a month ago. I probably think we start the season with no fans but if the numbers go down as I expect over the summer this might be a possibility.

I guess great minds think alike or I forgot about seeing yours and then assumed I thought of it first. :slight_smile:

Hey no problem at all, I think we’re all kind of looking to see what might could possibly work. you went into more detail about the water bottles, mask of the sidelines etc so that’s a great job. I just mentioned having fans sit five or six feet apart taking temperature at the gate and if you had a pre-existing condition stay home! I would love to see some fans in the stands but who knows at this point.

Ohio State AD Gene Smith says he’s confident that a plan can be implemented where 20,000 to 30,000 fans can attend football games in Ohio Stadium.

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If the numbers go down through the summer as expected,then they will make every effort to have some fans in the stands No doubt!

One thing to add:

  1. Riddell and the other helmet manufacturers come up with a clear plastic helmet face mask with some bars but a full plastic cover from the top of the opening to the bottom of the guard. Kind of like a clear motorcycle helmet with a few bars. That becomes mandatory for all football players at all levels.

I wonder if basketball will be played with hockey style helmets?

Can someone design a game day mask with tusks coming out the side?

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Get your official licensed mask here!

I seriously doubt that high schools are going to be able to replace every facemask on every helmet, never mind junior high, Pop Warner, etc. Standard Riddell facemasks that they’ve been making for years cost $45-70 a pop. A brand new technology that they have to gear up from nothing and make millions of them? You ain’t getting that for $70.

Oakley has the NFL contract for the under-the-facemask visors and is supposedly developing a COVID-19 version of that. Knowing Oakley, that isn’t going to be cheap either.

Got to spend that CARES Act money somewhere…

I suspect the NFL & college teams are going to “show the way” to maximum protection from Covid-19 for all of their fans to follow. None of them are going to want to lose any players to a quarantine and they are going to be very thorough about this. If your favorite coaches and players can wear masks on the field, what’s going to be your problem doing the same in the stands?

on number 6…

good luck getting the students to do ANYTHING. AT ALL. That generation simply does not acknowledge corona virus. at all. in any way.

they have never stopped gathering, at beaches and lakes and houses, at any point, unless enforced by closures of public venues.


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