Here is how I see it after taking some time.

I think we need to stop and look at what are history is, first and foremost we were a half away from winning a 3rd straight bowl game for the first time in the history of our football program. Second we made a 3rd straight bowl game even after losing some key underclassmen to the NFL, this in the past would have destroyed us. We played a tough schedule, and played a quality opponent in are bowl game. So as a baseline we do have some growth in our program.

Now here is where I am concerned, is with the OL, DL, LBers and DBs.

We have issues with our OL and to me it’s like a catch 22. It seems that the more higher rated recruits have been OL signees , however they have not developed. I see Brian Wallace and Johnny Gibson not getting on the field until after all other options have been exhausted and it just does not make sense to me. I do not get Froholdt at all, this was always something that everyone questioned and the results where horrible. Also, I am not sold on coach Anderson and I think he should go, I just don’t think he will pay off.

On the DL, we have heard and heard how we have signed all this depth and talent. Keep in mind have been lesser recruited ath’s but they would be developed. We can not set an edge to save our lives and are not very well coached or developed. I have never like Rory, I think he is overrated and a weak recruiter and believe their was a reason he was at Samford and needs to go back.

Just sent you a PM with a question. When you get time check your inbox.

BeachHog Rooter

I politely disagree with your call to fire Kurt Anderson.

All the OL were recruited here to Arkansas by Sam Pittman except for Deion Malone and Paul Ramirez

Also do you think if you fire a OL coach after one year that a top-notch one would want to take the job?

You make good points on Anderson. I just have a different opinion.

And as far as if one is fired would a top notch one want to come. I would think an OL coach that wanted a challenge and a nice paycheck would come. I mean I really don’t know what drives OL coaches but yes I would think if we had one and he did not do the job we would be able to go out and get one that could. That is just how I see it as an average fan.

I think the level of interest in the position would be down to a coach knowing he would have no security.

As for Anderson, I would hope that no one ever puts me in a situation where I have to make the dinner and make it wonderful without being able to select my own ingredients and just doing it from what the last chef left around

I believe that was a Bill Parcells saying.