Here is Clay's speech at the LR Touchdown Club today

Here is Clay’s speech about Orville Henry:

Thanks Matt.

Well done, Clay.

I was there. Enjoyed it very much

Years ago in a somewhat down year and struggling for a quarterback, they put Brad Taylor in the game. The next morning in the paper after a Razorback win over Rice, Orville Henry’s headlines were about Brad Taylor, “The genuine gee whiz kid from Danville, Arkansas.” That started a great career for Brad Taylor at Arkansas and a comment from Orville Henry I have never forgotten! Congratulations Henry family for an honor well deserved!

Impossible job to do that for OH even without it being your fater in such a small amount of time. Great job. He is proud I am sure!

He was Clay’s Dad, but he was also special to all of us.

Thanks Matt

OH is a legend!

That’s great and I really appreciate the link.

Clay, very nice job and I know you and your family are very happy and proud of your Dad, as are all Razorback fans!

Would love to see reprints of OH game articles on HI. Maybe a “on this day 25 years ago” feature?

They did that for the aniversery of the '64 team. I got chills reading them again, especially the one following Texas.

OH was such a huge part of my life growing up. I poured over every word he wrote about my beloved Hogs. What a great tribute Clay. He was one of a kind and the apple did not fall far from the tree.

Love the personal stories.

Great job Clay.

Like many I’m sure, I grew up reading OH in the Arkansas Gazette. After college I moved to Dallas and though it is a great sports town with lots of fine sports journalism, I started to realize just how lucky we were to have OH to tell us about all things Hog related. Icons like OH are not common and Arkansas will always be in debted to his life-long contributions to Arkansas sports. Kudos Clay… for keeping the memories alive and continuing the tradition. Go hogs!

I had a lot more to say. But they said 3 minutes. Wow. I probably went over. David later said they hoped for 5 minutes for each so they said 3. That made me feel better afterwards.

One of my thoughts was that once every 1,000 stories I write someone will say, “That read a little like OH.” I think Ok, that’s 999 that don’t measure up. Gotta try a little harder. Ultimately, I know it’s an impossible reach. He was that good.