Here is a season preview of the baseball team … tart-2017/

Reading that made me remember how bad that last part of the season was. Blowing those games to LSU and Texas A&M was just devastating. I dreaded every pitching change that had to be made.

I sure hope Dominic Taccolini and McKinney come back and have great years.

They will have to pitch well to get on the mound. There is a lot of competition. Isaiah Campbell and Blaine Knight are both ahead of Dominic Taccolini and Keaton McKinney right now.

One thing I learned is that Zach Jackson got with the program that the current players are using with pitching coach Wes Johnson. His velocity seems to have returned. I think the sled work has helped the strength of his leg. I thought Zach was too skinny last year. Maybe he was trying to avoid injury, or someone told him to get in better shape (and he lost strength through running), but he was not the same last year. Sometimes guys just struggle in their junior year. Sometimes they are listening to an advisor, not a coach. There is so much money at stake and the pressure gets them. From what I’ve heard of what he looks like right now, I bet he gets to the major leagues. I wasn’t so sure watching him last spring. Right now, he’s more like he was as a sophomore than he was as a junior.