Here is a scenario...

Hire Venables as the HC but keep Enos as the OC/assistant coach. Thoughts?

Nice to see you post here, Dan!

I like Enos. I know many don’t, but when his offense was working on all cylinders, we were scoring many points. He might even open up more since CBB isn’t there. I’ve never had a problem with him, but the offensive line has to get better–either bigger and stronger or faster, whichever better fits the offense he would employ.

Venables understands winning and what it takes to win. He was a huge part of the winning at Oklahoma and Clemson. He’s a Broyles Award Winner. He may be ready to change hats from a dc to a hc. Arkansas could be the perfect opportunity for him.Understand he was interested the last time the job was open. Clemson currently has co-offensive coordinators. He could bring one of them with him.
Being the dc of a national championship team that beat Alabama certainly should help him in recruiting.
This guy deserve a chance and why not Arkansas.

I believe I’ve read where Long and Venables are friends.

I wonder what Long says about the job when his friend asks him.

I would have no problem with Enos being kept.

HC’s usually bring in coordinators they know, trust & can speak to candidly. Don’t know how well Venerables & Enos know each other or at all. But it does seem like a nice fit.

I’d have no problem if Venables wanted Enos. Would keep some of the offensive recruiting pipeline intact, obviously

Enos has another year left on his contract. He would have to be paid a nice chunk if he’s not kept. I’m told by someone in the athletic department that the others are just finishing the last year of their contract and would be paid for six months. It’s still expensive in a time when there seems to be a lot of money going out. I would assume he’d get another job soon and that might be a wash, but who knows? It’s been a tough year, losing his father to go along with a trying year on the field with lots of injuries on his side of the ball.

Personally I like that idea. I don’t think the offensive problems are really due to Enos. I think he has the potential to be a great offensive coordinator. I have trouble thinking of someone else who would come and be an improvement. Any problems with the offense, in my opinion, are due to poor recruiting and poor execution on the offensive line.

The defense has too many problems to mention. Venables could fix the defense but it would not be with Paul Rhodes.

Wouldn’t that be up to Venables?

The crystal ball is alive and !!!

Dan Enos is an excellent coordinator. Go back and look at 2015 and 2016…we were among the top offenses in the SEC.

Venables and Enos would be great!GHG!