Here in Little Rock, I have signed up for a free FUBOtv 7 day trial -----------

------------------ added it to my Roku channels and have set it to record all of our games this weekend. I sent the link for this to Youdaman in Mississippi and he didn’t have AT&T Sportsnet show up in his FUBOtv package so it may not work everywhere. On Monday, I will cancel FUBOtv and it will not cost me a dime to watch the Hogs. Unless you have AT&T Sportsnet on your Uverse or DirectTV package, this is the only way I know to get the games. Matt was the one who mentioned this in another post and it worked for me. Hope this helps.

PS: I added FUBOtv by going to the Roku start page and adding the channel there. My Roku info automatically went to FUBOtv to implement the install. I guess that AppleTV and the others would do it the same way.

The ADG this morning showed the game Friday on Comcast 269.

Actually, you can use the Silk browser on Amazon Firestick to view or

I’ve got the Mizzou-Baylor game on through Fubo right now. It looks good.

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