Here comes Vermont (sites included)

Here we go…

Then UConn maybe

Looks like we are thurs,sat bracket.

Tenn will make the Sweet 16 at least…

ESPN giving us no love versus Vermont…much less Gonzaga.

Chip on the shoulder time.

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NONE period! No love at all!!

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Vermont will be no pushover that’s for sure they won every one of their tournament games by 30+shooting 36% from 3 point range have a couple of their best scores that shoot it better than 40% from the three. Nobody taller than about 6’8 but they will be like all those teams they can shoot the daylights out of the ball almost 50% as a team

What did they say?

Said Arkansas will have their hands full…

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Talked about Vermont, not us. Except us being a 4 seed…

What I heard was Vermont was a veteran team that shoots well, doesn’t turn the ball over and rebounds well. Ark doesn’t shoot well and will have its hands full with them.

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Said we don’t shoot the three well

I went blank when Vermont talking points…LOL

This is called East Coast Bias.

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Well those kind of teams have normally given us a hard time. I would hope we would come out breathing fire as bad as we look Saturday but if we come out and score 20 some points in the first half like we did the two games of the SEC tournament we will be in trouble because it doesn’t sound like those guys are going to beat themselves. Buffalo’s a long way from Arkansas. Will be a lot closer for them.WPS!!

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Talking heads are remembering both teams last game and writing their talking points.

Ky a threat to cut down the nets! Per CBS

Hey, when we’re playing well, we can play with anybody…one game at a time. Forget the A&M game.


I am gonna tell you right now Muss is gonna start talking about defending the 3 v. vermont the first time he is in front of a mic. I am sure he’s already talking about it to his kids.

We will bone Vermont. Book it. Seth Davis already talking his s$&t about how that will be a tough game for us…just like he did when we played the toothpaste last year. Sick to death of the East Coast bias.