Here come the refs

8 fouls on the Hogs. One on Aubie

They have taken over. Just called a carry. Have not seen that called since 1980. :o

It’s incredible how one sided the calls go for the home teams. Barford is driving it every time and getting fouled and we get nothing, yet Auburn gets every single touch call. And it doesn’t even make sense because we are a better defensive team than Auburn, those young guys foul a lot more than we do. CMA needs to get onto these refs they are the only reason Auburn is hanging around.

Just called a second carry. Both on Macon.

Simple they call it be more careful. The charges were both good calls. That has been called in other games using the off arm. Learn from it and don’t do it!
Now that last one called a block on beard was a charge

Seriously anybody know the foul difference right now? Just off top of my head I’m going to guess we’ve been called for at least 3x more fouls than them.

12-3 in 2nd half

21-12 for the game at the under-4 TVTO

Auburn has been to the D Wade school of flopping…

That was a pretty rough stretch for Daryl tonight. One of those carries was extremely questionable and about a minute later one of Auburn’s guards got away with a much more blatant one. Daryl is going to have get that forearm extension out of his game though. You can’t get away with that in a rec center anymore, much less the whistle happy SEC.

Fouls were 13-4 in the second half at one point + 2 palmings. That kept Auburn in the game. Why is it never a foul when Barford gets hit on drives?

That’s a great question, with how aggressive Barford is he should be living at the free throw line. He gets fouled almost every time he attacks the rim. He’s gotta be one of the better players in the country at finishing after contact.

Great point, he got hammered about 7x point blank in the paint with no calls… unreal

Yeah, extending the arm will get the whistle every time. I thought the carries were pretty weak.

Jaylen is so strong and so good at seeking contact on those drives that the opponent just bounces off him. Those should be fouls, but the zebras (especially in the SEC) just won’t call fouls when the defender goes bouncing off sideways. Barford is going to be an absolute beast next year. He got 20 tonight and wasn’t really hitting his jump shots. It’s easy to see how he was the #1 scorer in JC last year.

Jaylen is phenomenal at finishing at the basket at seemingly full sprint. When he has the ball in the open court with a lane to the basket, the scorer might as well put the points on the board. I’ve also come to expect that step-back jumper in the mid range to go down. He’s unguardable when the trey is falling.

I remember at the start of league play ppl were saying they didn’t see what all the fuss was about and Barford wasn’t athletic enough to dominate games like he did in JUCO.

It took him awhile to figure it out but now that he has he’s. Bull in a China shop. When he gets the ball going down hill, he is a load. And, he is starting to show off his post up game when he has a smaller guard on him.