Here come the Cowboys....

Their defense was great last night as they stifled the Saints and Drew Breeze. If the Cowboy offense was a little more explosive, I think they might have a chance to make it to the Super Bowl. Their offense looks like it was designed by Jim Harbaugh, but it is balanced and good enough to beat most teams.

Dudley, I’m sure you are trying not to get your hopes up, but man they just mauled the Saints tremendous offense last night. If not for a couple of penalties by Randy Gregory, the Saints don’t make a touchdown.

Last night was really satisfying to watch. I just wish the offense could be more consistent.

The Cowboys are missing two All-Pros on the offensive line. That’s their biggest issue on offense. A lot of Zeke’s yards lately have been due to personal will more than solid blocking. And Dak was sacked seven times last night and pressured a lot more.

The defense has played well enough to win just about every game this season. Jaylon Smith and Leighton Vander Esch are great young linebackers, and the secondary has improved a lot since last year.

Man, I was about to go through the TV at Randy Gregory last night.

I’m thrilled with this four-game streak. Hope it can continue.

Sure would like to have our two missing OL.

Not the biggest Cowboy fan admittedly…but was rooting for them as the Dog…very enjoyable hard hitting game. Cowboys tried hard to give it back to the Saints, but they didn’t want it!

Was not a good night. Go Eagles!

That’ll be an interesting Monday nite, Boogers commentary notwithstanding :sunglasses:

Last night was tasty on all fronts as I was watching it with some buddies in my neighbors house who is a HUGE Saints fan. He was not happy at all. I am with RD though, I think Gregory could here me yelling “What the he!! are you doing man” 40 miles away haha! Cowboys had many chances to open it up more if not for fumbles the negated possible points and Dak missing badly on a wide open WR!!!

Sorry…meant to say I am with DD on his point about Gregory.

The Cowboys in the Super Bowl? Man, I’ll have what you’re drinking! They had a good night against the Saints and exploited Cooper against the Saints secondary, but I don’t see a playoff run from this Dallas team. I think it’ll be the Saints and the Rams at the end of the day. Peyton and Brees will firm up their holes from last night and move forward.
The good news is the NFC East is there for the taking by the Cowboys if they can keep this up. But I’m still buying the Saints this year. What Brees has done this year is just phenomenal given his stature and age.

I said the Cowboys would have a chance to make a Super Bowl run, if they had a more explosive offense. That is not saying the Cowboys will be in the Super Bowl. They are, however, playing some great football at this time. Their defense is just playing sensational football. The speed they have at the linebacker position is something special. Drew Brees just had no time to throw the ball. He was hurried and pressed so many times. He could not step up in the pocket to throw. When he did complete a pass the Cowboy defense just flew to the football.

I expect the Chiefs and the Patriots to meet in the AFC Championship game and the Rams and maybe, the Saints to play for the NFC title. But, that is a guess, of course. After watching the Cowboys just dominate on defense last night, you know the Saints don’t want to see the Cowboys again, if Dallas can make it that far.

I’m a Jerry Jones fan and hope he can win another Super Bowl. He has been so great to his home state and to his alma mater. He has never forgotten his roots and bleeds Razorback red. That statue he gave of the bronze hogs to commemorate our 1964 National Championship is about as cool as it gets.

I’ll be honest, in watching the Cowboys this season, I keep thinking of the 2000 Ravens, very good defense and a ho-hum offense that does just enough. They started 5-4 then got on a roll. Dallas was 3-5 and now seems to be rolling at the right time. JMHO

I think that off sides call on Gregory was iffy. Lined up in neutral zone? The other penalties were all on him though.

Steelers will still be a part of AFC Championship game. Cowboys did the unexpected by beating New Orleans but playoffs will be on the road. That defense was incredible and defense travels. It will be a fun time. Chiefs losing Hunt hurts their chances.