Here are the arrest details on Arlando Cook … lt-charge/

I would not be surprised if CMA dismisses Cook from the team but let him keep his scholarship to complete the requirements for graduation.

Wouldn’t be surprised if he’s gone. At the very least, that’s a hefty suspension barring some revelation.

Just not very wise when you’re fighting for playing time on a deep roster with a lot of options at your position.

Was probably behind Thomas and Bailey. You could also play Thompson or Hall at the 4.

Prediction = minimum suspended 1st semester, probably dismissed outright.

Agreed on both.

It takes away depth and that’s something you obviously never want to see, but I don’t know that it’s a huge deal in the grand scheme of things.

Hall at the 4 is something I hope they experiment with early on and try to find a group that works. The small-ball lineup with Manny as the nominal 4 last year was wildly successful.

1st degree assault- he could spend some time in the clink

Yea, if those details are correct, he’s more than likely done. If this was his first offense he probably gets like a 5 or 6 game suspension, this is the second time. And it sucks, you never like to hear this about someone.

And I was saying in the other thread, this happend at a bad time with a major recruit and his family is on campus for an official visit. I’m sure the staff will explain this is not a common occurrence, but still, it’s a really bad look to be having players arrested when your trying to convince a parent to let your kid come to this school.

Arlando better call Coach Kermit Davis. The road to Murfreesboro is paved with bad intentions. CMA does not have a high threshold for this type of behavior. Maybe Kermit can rehabilitate him like he did Jacory.

If that information is correct he would be done and sent packing if it was my decision. If someone is not conscience and you are still beating on them you have a problem. Alcohol incident for the second time. You don’t need this type of behavior to continue. It hurts depth but so be it. Pack up and hit the road!

Let’s at least wait to find out what started the fight. For instance, if the other guy was being physically violent to a woman, then Arlando’s actions might be seen in a different light.

Once Orlando put the other guys lights out there’s no excuse to assault someone! Think about it. I will defend myself and anyone else but after you stop someone from being a threat and there’s a point where you become the offender. Which in this case if the guys lights were out Orlando was just beating on him.
CMA will do the right thing and basketball will not be his #1 priority when dealing with this.
I was shocked when J. Williams was dismissed from the team until I heard all the details. I followed and rooted for him at Middle Tennessee State at the same time I’m proud MA established a code of conduct standard for his players. When he was dismissed from the team we had a bare bench. The bench looks better now.

Response: I would imagine coach will investigate throughly and them made an informed decision as to what is best for both the young man and the program…

“The victim refused treatment and no injuries were visible, according to the arrest report.”

That doesn’t jibe with Arlando repeatedly striking an unconscious man with a closed fist. I’m pretty sure he would be bleeding profusely and probably be physically unable to refuse treatment.

Response: based on your perspectives if you and I got into an Phyical altercation and you got the better of me by knocking me down you would just walk away, geez thanks, that’s not how fights usually turn out especially when a woman is involved