Herbstreit regrets not picking Hogs

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i was a bit shocked Finebaum picked us

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We need to keep the love train going full steam ahead. I’m a fan so I can still keep celebrating the beat down and even look to ending the atm streak. We will take care of business this week. WPS!

I was too. In fact, the whole SEC crew other than Tebow picked us. Even he acknowledged we were getting better. He just didn’t think we were there yet.

I never care what Herbie thinks, good or bad.

I don’t like Kirk and his band wagon junk! It’s always about Ohio State and OU normally when he speaks!
Our hogs need to focus on the next game. Georgia Southern. That’s all they need to think about.

He never picks us. For whatever reason the lefty lisper doesn’t seem to like us. That’s fine.

saturday I watching the ESPN am show with 6 Longhorns. 2 families rented a big house on Oliver street, right across from the NW corner of the stadium. GREAT weekend.

when Herbstreit picked UT, that made it 5/5 who picked UT, immediately a Longhorn says:“F***! Kiss of death!”

I’m not generally superstitious, but I was REALLY glad that 5/5 picked against us.


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