Herbstreit & Low on the Hogs

I don’t know about you, but I am enjoying college football a little more these days.

I started listening to the creatively named “ESPN College Football Podcast” on Monday. I recommend it (when you’re done with the WholeHog pod). There’s been a lot of focus on us.

On Monday, Kirk Herbstreit had a lot of good to say about the Hogs (can also read most of it here). And today Chris Low said Arkansas is the most surprising and “as well a coached a team as you’ll see in college football.”

Feels good to matter again.


Well, in all honesty, we didn’t look like a very well-coached team for much of that Rice game. Double digit penalties and a bunch of 3 and outs will do that for you. Maybe Chris Low didn’t watch that one.

I’m not trying to harp on our team. I was glad to see a lot of improvement in our game with Texas and was thrilled with the outcome. We had a lot fewer penalties and looked much better partly because of that. I hope we see more of that going forward.

Most of the improvement was on offense. Don’t you think that the defense was good/great/or outstanding for both games, with the exception of protection against long passes?


Yes, the defense has been more consistent.

Blown away folks keep harping on the Rice game. We’re not bama but we’re not the only team to come out first game and not do so well. Pulling away in the 4th with authority was all I needed to see in order to know we had a shot against the horns. Not saying we’re gonna win them all but DANG. Let it go. Not just you mdw.


This team is talented but they are not talented enough to beat a good team without clicking on all cylinders and a lot of that is mindset.We came out fired up to play Sat and looked good and its going to take that and more to get where we want to go,
I don’t think anybody is going to be scared to play us bc they have seen jekyl and hyde versions of us.They will want to see Sat wasn’t a fluke.

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Defenses always ahead of offenses early in season

On SEC Now following our win over TX, Gene Chizik said we’re the most improved team he saw from week 1 to week 2. That sounds like good coaching to me.


I think Pittman will have other coaches coming for assistants at end of year. I think he has changed the perception of the Arkansas destination job in two years from dead end to equally attractive one,

More games to be played but fans, media, other coaches and recruits know where Fayetteville is now. Texas is trying to forget where it is located .


Herbstreit is nothing more than a puppet alum from ohio state thats rightfully trying to win over as many fans as he can.
“I was thinking the Hogs might win but I went with Texas like the other three did.”
You NEED to grow you some gonads and learn to stand behind your convictions
from the start.
I’m not going to ride him too hard because he is knowledgeable and seems to be a fair guy but nor am I going to put him on a pedestal until he’s earned it.
That’s all I got to say about that. GHG!


As KJ continues to mature in the passing game, the offense could get scary to opponents.

It was the first game of the year, with a huge game looming the next weekend. Gotta think that factored into a lot of your complaints. We won that game and covered the spread by the way.

This is fun to read. It was not too long ago that Arkansas was showing up in the bottom 10 of some of the creative stories on national websites. I can still see that fake punt return against North Texas and Ty Storey hitting the slot receiver in front of Greg Brooks over and over.

He could just as well have said we were the most improved from the first half to the second half of the first game. That is why there was optimism going into the Texas game.

When you consider that we lost Dorian Gerald and Pool was out the first half, and the Hog D held Texas to what might be their worst first half of the season, that’s pretty noteworthy.


I do. Offense just needed to get kick started. I watched a lot of ranked teams opening weekend, we weren’t the only team that struggled in the first half.

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