For someone who I thought as a 9th grader, was a can’t miss high major college player, it is very disappointing to see Ethan content to sit on the bench and just be happy to have a Razorback uniform. It is almost as if he doesn’t care whether he plays or not.

It is appalling that after the Smith injury and only a true freshman to beat out for PT, he can’t even get on the court for any meaningful contribution. Either he has been in a perpetual doghouse since Muss arrived or he is just pitiful in practice.

Either way, he needs to get out and transfer to a school that can give him PT. It could be a mid-major or a Division 2 school. It doesn’t matter. There is one more year left for him to play college ball and very few high school athletes get the opportunity to play college ball.

Because he WANTS to be here?
I’m not understanding this post. Nearly every sport that I know of has a player or players who remain at the end of the bench for whatever reason. Every single player on a roster will not be a contributor! No matter how bad we would like them to be.

I disagree here. I said before the Tennessee game that I thought he should get the start. Obviously, he didn’t, but the minutes he was in, he did help defensively with his length and speed.

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I agree with Swinesong on this one.

Seems curious, if not appalling (to use your word), that someone who has been around the game as long as you would be so narrow in your drawing of conclusions. Why can’t Ethan be happy with the role he’s playing on this team, in this program, at this University… instead of another option that someone else (like yourself) thinks is better for him?

Sure every year there are players at the end of the bench. But this guy has been there for three years now with the possibility of status quo continuing another year. After starting late last year and performing well (I thought), I am shocked he didn’t get major minutes after the Smith injury. It is not like our roster is deep in forwards.

You say he is happy to be here. Obviously. But that is my point. Most players transfer out if they don’t get to play. For someone that I thought was going to be a big time player, I am disappointed that he is content “to be here” for his entire college career, He showed a lot of desire and competitive attributes when I started following him in high school. I am very disappointed I am not seeing that ambition and desire to play.

But you said it. He is “happy to be here”. That I agree with you.

Ask Jeremy

Seems like you’re more upset at your missed evaluation than anything else. :joy:

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Maybe he loves the Hogs.

He choose to be a Hog when he had many other destinations he could have pursued. If he is a good teammate, he is a contributor even if he isn’t in the top ten in minutes played.

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How do you know one way or the other that he doesn’t have ambition or desire? Henderson doesn’t owe you anything. He just needs to be accountable to his coaches and teammates. If he’s not, I’m fairly confident that will be addressed.

I too thought he would be contributing more based on his play toward the end of last season. That is a fair point along with potential he showed as a recruit that you referenced. Ripping into a kids character for not getting as much playing time as you expect? Well…I just don’t get it.

I don’t really think that Ethan’s time at Arkansas is anybody’s business except for Coach Muss and Ethan. I imagine that he contributes a lot in practice, has a very good attitude, loves being a Razorback and is a good teammate who is well liked by both the coaches and the other players. I am sure that Coach Muss would not keep him on the squad if he had a bad attitude or wasn’t contributing to the team. In life, everyone has had people in their organizations that are not stars or leaders but still make positive contributions.

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I got to go see his high school team play when he was a junior and was excited to see him. He was a high 4 star. I was shocked to see that he wasn’t even starting. I don’t think he played any more than 15 minutes in the game, and didn’t contribute much. Perhaps he just never develop as expected from the 9th grade.

Also, in the TN game, there was no way I would have taken minutes away from Vance the way he was playing.

Ethen can’t shoot the 3 ball and is only good for a rebound around the rim or a dunk.

He played about 7 minutes.

My 15 minutes was referring to his high school game when he was a junior.

Ask me what? I think PJ’s post is downright cruel. I suspect Ethan has a lot of friends on this team. I wish he played more, but I guess his practice hasn’t warranted it. If he provides nothing else, he is a big body for our other bigs to go against in practice. And one more thing, for me personally, college was the best time of my life, and Arkansas was my dream school. I’m guessing it probably was for Ethan too.

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Hey, PJ

you are entitled to your opinion, of course. But would you mind changing your title? If i were Ethan or his family, that title would really hurt my feelings. I’m sure you didn’t mean it cruelly, but it does sound mean-spirited, at least to me.

I’m not trying to start anything, but it could hurt someone’s feelings, ie they are a a friend or family of Ethan’s.

just my .02


It seemed like the inside players Musselman picked for playing time against Tennessee competed and executed in decent fashion. Jaylin Williams, Connor Vanover and Vance Jackson got the bulk of the minutes at the two forward spots. Ethan Henderson and Davonte Davis got some of the crumbs.

Ethan Henderson’s stat line is 3:27 with one foul and one turnover. Vanover and Jackson did not commit a turnover in a combined 59 minutes. Williams committed four turnovers in 13:34 but was 3 of 3 with two rebounds.

I do not recall ever seeing a post like this on our site. There was not much as far as really active forums in the early 90s. PJ, I would guess you would have asked why Ken Biley stayed with the team, too?

We do live in a world where playing time is the only thing that matters to some. I get that. But maybe it’s not.

Why is Mason Jones not getting in for the Rockets?

Why Is Joe not getting any run?

Why is Ethan not getting any run>

Coach doesn’t determine playing time the player does. Jackson Hog told us a long long time ago Ethan was going to struggle in college.

Gotta say I’m disappointed in this post.

We are all entitled to our opinions, but his seems more like at attack than an analysis

I am sure Ethan would like to play more and I am also sure he is working hard to do so.

I also trust CEM would love to be playing him more if he thought it would help him win, which he wants far more than the fans.

To me, it appears Ethan has never made the developmental jump most of us thought he would

Due to covid, he would have two more years after this to play