I hear everyone talking about Henderson at Left Tackle. I wanted to know how he can play there weighing 285? I know that he is very talented but blocking guys at 320 needs more weight like 305 or bigger.

I would not speculate on his current weight. The weight you cite is from the summer.

Thanks you’re probably right. I like the kid and hope he is one of our best next year.

I got two words for you… Sam Pittman.

Now for a few more. He has forgotten more about the OLINE than I will ever know. If there is one single position on this team that I have complete faith in having the right people that are available in the right spots, well, its the Oline. That’s Pittmans’ bread and butter.

Frank Ragnow said Pittman will find “freaks.” Not sure what exactly that is but I want to see them.

Dan Skipper. :grinning:

Ryan Carrethers. CBS used to do a freaks list and when you made it there was a high probability NFL career waiting.

You would list these guys as freakish talent in my time of covering the Razorbacks:

Shawn Andrews, Jason Peters, Wayne Martin, Frank Ragnow, Steve Korte, Mitch Petrus, Brandon Burslworth, Trey Flowers, Freddie Chidlress, Henry Ford, Leotis Harris, Dan Hampton, Steve Conley, Jamal Anderson, Chris Smith.

Freak means size and ability to run. I’m just listing lineman. Borderline in this area I’d add Melvin Bradley, Marcus Adair and Jake Bequette. I’m sure I am leaving some out. If you look at the career sack leaders, you can figure out the freaks in fast order.


Henderson came into the program at a good weight for a freshman tackle. Myron Cunningham is a good example. Cunningham came into the program at 287 pounds in the spring of 2019 and was 325 pounds by the summer of 2020.

Freakish talent is a good description of those players.

A perfect description of my pitiful golf game.

Clay, do you notice how many on your list were also basketball players? Peters, Anderson, Conley, Martin, Bequette. Probably others.

Pure athletic ability translates to hoops, too. Then again, Dan Hampton started out in the band.

Hey, now! :slight_smile: :shushing_face:

Sam will put the weight on them, if they want to play for him.

He’s 200 lbs. soaking wet. Can’t get on the court. Muss frustrated with him.

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Billy Ray was always one of my favorites,…

Big Dan still plays 6 instruments, even with his jacked up fingers!


I played in the band AND have played basketball for over 50 years. Plus even with no help from Pittman I have put on weight. Always wondered why people call me a freak, and now I know. Thank you. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:.


I gave up hoops when (a) I couldn’t touch the rim any longer and (b) I got undercut trying at a park in Austin, TX. Rough place, but great pickup ball. Slowpitch softball is on grass and dirt. Hey, if you hit a homerun now you just walk back to the dugout. I like that a lot. The only thing that runs on me is my mouth.