Henderson, after two years of lagging on the bench needs to transfer. He seems like a great kid and has some ability. But after almost two years, he’s still very skinny and cannot compete physically compete against most centers and forwards in the SEC. Transferring to a smaller school would give him the opportunity to play more and develop his game and physicality.

Possibly. I have well known on this board for being pessimistic about Henderson’s abilities. However, I thought he showed real potential as a rebounder and shot blocker last night. Ultimately, I think he will be passed on the depth chart by the incoming bigs so you are probably right. But I thought he looked like he belonged last night.

Regardless of what anyone thinks about a players ability to contribute, it seems that he was asked to come and apparently complied with the standards of the University and the program, shouldn’t he receive the courtesy of being supported and not be made to feel pushed out the door by random fans.


I’m fine with him staying. But is that in his best interest. Like most young players, he probably dreams of playing in the pros. Whether that be in the NBA, Over Seas or where ever. He has a better chance of that at a smaller school. Can Muss and his staff turn him into at least a more significant contributor. Possibly. But he needs to hit the gym, at muscle, go to some big men camps during the summer if he wants tp get more playing time next season.

It’s on Henderson to do the work in weight room and get busy. He has shown flashes to be a spark. There have been player that failed to show a lot their first 2 years and then the light comes on durning the junior year.
This one is on the young man and CEM!

I thought he belonged early in the season. Was disappointed that more depth wasn’t developed then. Enter injuries, it’s an even bigger deal now.

Henderson looked as good in the NIT last season. I am sure he earned PT this year based on that. But that would have been with the previous coach.

When there is a coaching change, it goes back to square one for all.

Any time Henderson got on the floor he missed defensive assignments. That was his problem early in the year and sometimes now! Some players take longer for the light to come on! I hope he improves where he can help!

Like all players has shown positive development under new coaches—imho

I wish Bailey would have had CEM for 4 years!
The flashes haven’t been enough to overcome the fatigue late in games!

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