I thought Ethan looked pretty good in his limited minutes vs TexSou. Great defensive play in the paint and a nice put back. I hope he is rewarded with at least a few minutes against the Coyotes.

He’s got to keep that motor going all the time in practice as well as in games. He needs to pay close attention to how hard Bailey works. I like Ethan’s potential.

I believe that CEM and his staff are going to try and get the most out of every player on the roster and know how to coach em up. The fact that this roster will have a size disadvantage at the 5 spot it will be imperative that they can get productive minutes from Henderson throughout the season and it’s my belief this coach has the ability to do just that.

Go Hogs!

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Henderson needs to get PT in every game and see some encouraging signs by the end of this semester.

Hmmm. I hope that doesn’tmean what I think it does. This team does not need to get any thinner.

PJ, I’ve heard he’s not big on hustling in practice. Have you heard that?

I’m just wondering what the deal is with Henderson. Is he not a good practice player? Under two different coaches, with teams sorely needing height and athleticism, he can’t get minutes. I don’t care that he’s thin. In limited time, he’s shown me more than Cylla.

Henderson played some good minutes, but he was also out of position defensively on a good number of possessions and needs to work on his rebounding more.

He is getting the exact minutes he deserves. He is tall and can jump - that is the extent of his skillset.

I only saw the one open practice, but he appeared to be working hard and into it, like all the guys did.


I have not heard that.

Thanks Holden. I was hoping to hear something different than what I had heard earlier.

Coach knows best because he knows how players practice. So, I am not saying he deserves or does not deserve more minutes. I just don’t know how he is practicing. Just like people wanted Chaney to get more time last year, but Coach knows. As we say coaches play who they think will win for them.

Just saying December is transfer portal time. At the rare players enter portal, it doesn’t take a whole lot. I do hear that Ethan is frustrated.

He will not be here next year. He will either transfer on his own accord or Coach Muss will ask him to leave.

That’s tough.

I’m wondering if someone can refresh me on what the pundits thought of his potential as a high school senior? That is, I don’t recall folks saying he was a project or someone who would not contribute greatly in year 1 or 2?

If I remember correctly he actually showed a little more ability in aau than high school. Someone can correct me if I have him mixed up with someone else.

He was always very high in the rankings (Top 150, Top 50 early in his AAU days), but it never translated into much production. Even at Parkview he was around 10 pts and 7 or 8 rebounds a game. He was tall early on, played for a very good HS and AAU program, and people were intrigued by his ability to dunk. However, he never looks like his going that hard and I’m not sure how important basketball is to him. Essentially he hasn’t improved much since he was first ranked highly back in 8th and 9th grade.

Both have underwhelmed, especially offensively. I don’t know what Ethan has shown you more than Cylla. Cylla is better rebounder and defender. Neither have done anything offensively.

Ethan has hardly played when it matters. It is hard to evaluate his on court performance.

I’m simply going by last year in the NIT. Cylla has yet to show me what Henderson did then and that was Henderson’s first game getting anything but mop up minutes.