henderson ?

Until last night i figured Ethan Henderson would redshirt. Very few minutes, half the season gone, couple of mop up appearances. Last night he was put in an sec game.

Does this now rule out redshirt?
Could he be a big going forward that we can get some quality minutes from?

I thought he played pretty well, and I’ve been a critic, so it was good to see. He does offer some size we need. With Bailey and Gabe not exactly lighting it up, could he be in store for increased minutes? might really help down the stretch.

I would love to see him take some of Gabe and Adrio’s minutes. He would be hard pressed to play worse than those two lately.

Got to find out if he is going to be one of our bigs going forward and next season as well. No better way to figure that out than to play the guy, I don’t see much downside in giving him some of Gabe and Adrio’s minutes.

Go Hogs!

At this point, you have to try something even if he has not preformed well enough in practice to warrant minutes.

You need to see something from him of promise going forward.

Ali is the one who will redshirt.

Henderson is really thin. He is going to have to spend a lot of time in the weight room if he is going to compete in the low box.

I’ve seen some thin bigs be productive he just has to learn to get position and want it.
Getting stronger will help him for sure. Like others have said he can’t do any worse.

I’ve seen a few thin ”bugs” in my life. Some of them are creepy looking. If they put on size they become down right scary

As for Henderson, don’t know he’s the one guy I’ve seen the least.

Henderson played against Tenn because he was the only one left after two of our forwards fouled out. He has already played in a season game or two, so a redshirt year was not available before last night anyway.

I haven’t understood him not playing more. Just don’t get it. If he’s half awake we can use him.

He sure won’t get any better sitting over on the bench watching. He may actually surprise some folks when the light comes on.

Wasn’t Henderson the top rated of the Arkansas kids coming in in that class, or did I just dream that.

Hope we sign Franklin if the leg injury recovery goes good. Saw the kid play some in H.S. Can jump out of the Gym.