Watched the replay of our game and paid attention to Henderson…Kid is really quick for his size. Let him get stronger and put on some weight and he will be tough to deal with. If I remember correctly he was the highest rated of our Arkansas players his Sr. year…Kinda see why now.

He started that way, but I think he wasn’t the highest rated in the final rankings. I could be wrong, I know at one point he was the highest rated.

Henderson can rebound. He will just need playing time to get his defensive skill going. He sure hustled. The weight room needs to see a lot of work by him and many others.

Yes, Ethan fell from 60 to 81 or something like that. Wasn’t KES our highest rated recruit last year?

I think on the final rankings, but I’m not positive

247 composite, which includes 247, Rivals and ESPN:

KES 139
Chaney 158
Henderson 161
Joe 171
Phillips 190
Sills 256
Ali NR

Jones 13 (Juco)

Joe and Sills punching above their weight class.

Sills is currently at 44% from 3-pt land (25-57).