Having trouble getting on the site ( iPad and iPhone ) “ Safari cannot open the page to many redirects occurred.” Sometimes it takes several minutes and dozens of attempts.

The site was down yesterday due to power outage per RD, I’ve been having same issue, so I just go straight to the forum page instead of the WHS front page. When you go to the forum page you can save it to your home screen on your phone /iPad and that’s been working for me a lot better.

I have a post about this at the top of the page, but a power outage at our Little Rock office caused some significant damage to our CMS. The site is working for the most part, but still experiencing some intermittent slowdowns. The message board is unaffected, but stories might be slow to load or unable to load at times.

We are working to repair the problem as soon as possible.

It’s not UNAFFECTED if you can’t get on it…come on

Read above, come on man! Lol

I get on by going to google and typing in wholehogsports. Then clicking on wholehogsports. Works every time.

Management asks that you please bear with us…