Help with radio broadcast living out of state

Hoping for some help. Tried looking for this in old posts but didn’t find any great answers.

For those living out of state, what apps or websites are people using to listen to radio broadcasts of the games?

Thanks for any help.

There’s a Tune-In link for each game on the UA website schedule page.

Also if you download the UA Gameday app to your phone you can get to the broadcast through that.

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I appreciate it! Thanks for the info.

No problem! Same also applies for football and basketball. And the schedule page will also get you to the video stream when available.

Another way to get games is via the Ark Gameday app. You can select the sport and audio from there.

KABZ app is my new choice, have all mentioned but there is more to the KABZ app. App is required if you live more than 75 miles from Little Rock for live gameday broadcasts.

thanks. will give it a try as well.

My go-to app is the Razorback Gameday app. I’ve also had a lot of success with an app I downloaded called myTuner Radio. It allows you to plug in to just about any station nationwide. I have not run into any blackout issues with it, but I’m sure there are some instances where that will be the case.

I’m surprised KABZ’s app is not blacked out during Razorback games.

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