Help with quote:old schoolers

I quoted this on a meeting today and got blank stares to hostile reactions: “It’s like kissing your sister through a screen door”. Darrell Royal? Keith Jackson? Am I crazy???

Darrell Royal is one of many coaches who used the quote “a tie is like kissing your sister.” Where the heck you got the screen door part, I have no idea.

Okay, so I’m not totally crazy. Darrell and all. But, I’m sure someone added the screen door. Why the Hell would I come up with it otherwise?

Okay, so I’m not totally crazy. Darrell and all. But, I’m sure someone added the screen door. Why the Hell would I come up with it otherwise?i

DKR. A great coach and a better person.

Clay is the oldest of old school - sorry, boss - so maybe he’ll know.

The first time I ever heard that it was attributed to Darrell Royal. DKR was still an active coach at the time. I suspect he originated it. However, like many cute sayings that have caught on, it’s probably been attributed to several people. Still, if I had to bet, the first one who used it was Royal.

I always associated that saying with Bear Bryant.

Yes, that’s Royal. He said all of that at one time or another, but generally shortened it to the part without the screen door.

And, yes, I’m old school. Proud of it.

Old school? C’mon Clay. You’re so old school you remember when the Razorbacks were the Cardinals.

Can’t deny it. I go back to Bezdek and train rides.

OK, now I happen to know that I am older than Clay and I don’t go back as far as Bezdek. And yes, I’m older than dirt.

If I remember correctly, the whole quote was, “A tie is like kissing your sister, it’s nice, but it doesn’t mean anything.”

And, yes, I’m old school. Proud of it.
[/quote]Clay we are so “old school” that we are old one room school!

Another great Royal quote “we’ll dance with who brung us”

And this one when he was doing color commentary for ABC football. Coach Royal never made it big-time with color commentary like Coach Broyles. And this was a Regional telecast. The Hogs were playing Baylor at Waco in 1980. Hogs were having a really tough season and would finish 6-5. Baylor was on their way to the Cotton Bowl with one of their greatest teams of all time.

Baylor beat the Hogs pretty bad that day – like 42-14, which was a huge blow-out back then.

But at one point in the second half, Coach Royal made the observation, “Looks like all the Arkansas offense get-up-and-go has got up and gone.” Despite the depressing display on the football field, brought some needed humor and levity to the situation.

Wasn’t it Lou Holtz when describing his team. “We are just good enough to genuinely disappoint you”

I have a book on Darrell Royal sayings. It is colorful.

First time I heard it was Coach Frank Howard at Clemson. I don’t think many coaches have original lines. It’s like their coaching and play calling. They always get from someone else.

I’ve got a book of Royal quotes. Most have heard most of them. They are often repeated. The name of the book: Dance With Who Brung Us!

Another famous Royal quote:

“I’ve always felt that three things can happen to you whenever you throw the ball and two of them are bad. You can catch the ball. You can throw it incomplete. Or have it intercepted.”

He also liked to say, “I don’t mind passing – anytime we get beyond the 50-yard line.”

He was upset that he was labeled a gambler after the two passes that won the Arkansas game in 1969 and the Notre Dame game in the Cotton Bowl. He said, “Two stinkin’ plays and now I’m a gambler.”

He was asked about not throwing more passes in the rolling days of the wishbone. He said, “You may get hot one day or the next, but there is a lot to be said for a sure fire gain of two yards.”

On recruiting, Royal said, “It was always total confusion. I wouldn’t get an ulcer because of football games, but because of recruiting. You get to the end and find out you have been abused and lied to.”