Help - question for anyone really familiar with BWA seating

I have season tickets in 1st row, UD - sideline, but near the baseline. Would you (upgrade?) them for next to top row LD baseline corner? I’m thinking UD row 1 sideline is better viewing. I’ve sat top row of lower deck sideline, and it seems about as far away from the court as UD row 1? I’ve never sat near the top row LD corner seat.

Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks

I’ve sat in the top row of the lower deck before and liked the view. I also liked that no one was behind me.

We had four seats in the first row of the corner of the upper deck. Absolute wonderful seats. No one in front of you ever. More leg room. Only a few steps to the bath room. Now, you’d have that proximity to the bath room and concessions on the top row of the lower deck, but you are closer to the floor in the upper deck with better sight line. Upper deck hangs out over the lower deck – and that’s why I say the upper deck seems closer.

I had a courtside floor media pass, but I’d go up to sit with my family for a few minutes most game and didn’t think I was out of the loop. They were definitely better seats than the media seats now.

Overall, I don’t think it’s a huge difference though. I don’t think there are a ton of bad seats in the building. What Frank always said was that the upper deck is closer to the floor than a good many seats in Barnhill. I believe that after watching a gymnastics meet last year. I was way up there and a long way from the floor.

I’ve never had season tickets at BWA, but I’ve gone to enough games that I’ve sat in a whole lot of places. I loved front row upper deck. Great view, leg room, better than sitting behind the basket downstairs for sure.

Thanks guys. I elected to keep my UD, row 1 sideline. On a lesser note, it did make it a little easier decision that I didn’t have to pay the $150 a seat more upgrade charge for seats I didn’t think were superior.

And, Matt, when reading your point about no one behind you on the top row, it did make me think about the advantages health-wise if Covid Delta is still as bad this winter. You wouldn’t have any one yelling and breathing down on you.

Covid aside, I have never cared for people sitting behind me. I sit in the back row at church and in the football press box.


Back row.


I am like the cowboys in the saloon. I put my back to the wall when I get the chance. I do think there are folks behind you in the top row of the lower deck of Bud Walton. That’s called the luxury boxes.

My wife (we’ve been married 38 years) still laughs at me when we go in a restaurant and I insist on sitting where I can see the door …


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