Help on message board app

Somehow, I got on desk top view and couldn’t find how to get out of it. So, I uninstalled the message board app. Now I can’t find the app in the android store. How can I now find the app and install it on my Galaxy S9 again? Thanks.

We don’t have a message board app, so I’m not sure what you were using. The only app we have is the Video on Demand app.

The best way to access the board on your phone is to just type into your browser. This platform works well on phones.

Huh? I just uninstalled an app named whole hog sports message board app I’ve been using. I clicked on something while i was on the message board that said “desk top view”. It messed all my screens up to where I cannot even see my “circled H”. I could have sworn a few weeks ago you put a link for I-phone and android app? I’m having to post this on my computer. I think I’ve lost my mind.

I’ve done that and I guess it still comes up on my phone under “desk top view”. I cannot even see the “subject line” if I try to create a topic. I can’t get into any of my profile because I don’t see my “circled H”?? can someone tell me how I get out of “desk top view” on my phone when the forums come up?

Go to your settings (the hamburger menu at the top right). You’ll see an option for “Mobile View.” Click on that and it should correct it. I’m using an iPhone and had to turn it sideways to get the settings icon to appear on desktop view.

As far as an app, my guess is that you somehow created a favorite on your phone that looked like an app, but was just a link back to whatever browser you use for your phone.

Unfortunately, I’ve turned my phone sideways and still can’t get far enough to the right to see my “settings icon”.

edit: Geez , finally. I had to click on my phone’s settings where I found “desktop view”, I clicked on it and the print got so small I could barely read it. That let me get far enough to the right to click on “settings” on this forums site and click on mobile view. The print was still so small I couldn’t read it, so I got back into my phone settings and clicked off “desktop view” and voila!, everything’s back to normal!

Thanks for the help, and I know more about my phone now than I did. Also, I will never click on “desktop view” on this site again when I’m on my phone.

Oh, and on the “app”, I guess you had just given that link and somehow, I managed to set that up as an “app”. It also let me uninstall it??