Help on a recruit

Maybe I dreamed this, but are we recuriting a QB that injured his knee that was down to us and Clemson? If so, can you tell me his name and where he attends school?

I could be having a brain fart, but I can’t recall.

Thank you Richard. My son says he also remembers the recruit, but can’t recall his name. I guess we are both confused.

Maybe confused with this guy? … rthwestern

Probably thinking of the Criswell kid.

Gibby, What is Criswell’s first name? where does he attend school?

Jacolby Criswell (6-1, 205) is a junior quarterback Morrilton, has an Arkansas offer along with ones from Georgial, Ole Miss and Mississippi State and others and is the half-brother of Dre Greenlaw.

Unfortunately, he suffered a season-ending injury in a preseason scrimmage game in August. … g-showing/

That is the one we were thinking about. Thank you Dudley and Gibby.