Help me understand this

Arkansas is going lose 20ish to the portal, A&M going to lose around 25ish. Are the majority of these kids being asked to leave? I can think maybe 5-7 Ark kids going to a D1 school and possibly a few more for A&M. I just cannot see the majority going to greener pastures. Am i wrong? Where are all these kids going to end up?

Yes, most of them are being asked to leave or asked themselves to leave to find more playing time.

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Some are being asked to leave. Others are just trying to find a place where they think they can get playing time. Some probably think they can cash in on NIL.

I looked back at our 2021 bunch that hit the portal. Foucha and Brooks went to LSU. Woods went to OU. But we also had people land at La Tech, and Texas State, and Memphis, and Charlotte, and Arkansas Tech, and a couple that I can’t find they landed anywhere.


Hornsby lane anywhere yet?


I was afraid of that, since he’s not considering another position.

He has been sniffing around UNLV, for obvious reasons, and Baylor. I think the Nebraska ship sailed when they took Sims from GTech.

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I assume a lot of the transferring players will wind up at a Group of Five program or a lower level. I don’t know if players are explicitly asked to leave, but I think they are given a clear picture of where they stand in terms of playing time moving forward. Most want playing time and opt to move on.

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While not directly related to players leaving, I do think SP has been very up in communicating with his team but the communication went unheeded in the Strength and conditioning part of organization and he dealt with it. Players probably got that message too even if not directed to them per sec.