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Given the news yesterday we HAVE to play college basketball this coming year. Other threads on this but I think we are loaded.

So the question is, doesn’t the NCAA (and leagues) have a good bit of flexibility for the sport? I really don’t see a reason the season couldn’t be extended all the way through the end of June if necessary, when the college baseball season typically ends. Obviously the NBA would work with the college system again as they have this year. If that’s the case we have essentially 3 extra months to work with. If god willing we get a virus at the start of the year we could be in position to have enough time.

Lots of variables I know but basketball is easier to maneuver than football. Much less people involved, games can be any day of the week, less complicated travel etc. So we should be in a position that if there are virus related problems the season can be extended and there is enough time to make it work.

I also think that given the NCAA tournament was cancelled last year and there will be a strong push to have it this year. I’m just hopeful the “cushion” so to speak of April, May and June gives us a good chance we can get some sort of a full season.

Never doubt the biggest factor in the equation, politicians.
This team, with IJ returning, could well have the talent and numbers to carry us to the sweet sixteen and then…

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